Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Shopping hiatus, week 9

Made a mistake last week...

new fabric
{new fabric}

I was at the fabric store (for the shop, not for me) and I saw this outdoor fabric on insane sale ($3 per yard) and they had enough yardage for our outdoor furniture and I didn't even think about the hiatus. I just scooped it up. We found our outdoor furniture on Craigslist last year and we've been very happy with it, but the cushion covers have seen better days. I've never worked with outdoor fabric before, but I think with a heavy duty sewing needle I'll be good to go.

So, I slipped a bit, but I'm back on track and gearing up for the finish line.

Things I want to buy:
*Sunglasses (2 pairs - from Zenni - upgraded to SEVERE want)
*Pillow (meant to buy one last week, despite hiatus, couldn't make a decision)
*New sheets for summer (still want these, but recognize that I don't need them)
*Perfect workout tee shirts (must be thin cotton, loosely fitted, nice and long, v-neck)
*New TOMS in spring/summer color (I'm lying if I tell myself that I'll wear close toed shoes in summer)
*Serving pieces from the Heath summer collection (specifically, the summer appetizer set and possibly the serving and cutting board set - still want, D on board)
*Small rug for the my office (currently looking on Craigslist - no luck yet)
*New clock for the kitchen area (specifically, this one which D and I are obsessed with)


  1. We have the same requirements for work out tees. I get mine at Old Navy. They're the ones with the little pockets on the left chest.

  2. i'm so impressed with your hiatus and a little slip is ok :) you recognized it and are moving on... who could resist such a deal anyway!

  3. there are times that the sale price is so cheap that you have to make the exception.

  4. I'm sure they will look amazing out on your deck! By the way, I love that clock, too :)

  5. girl, you have an eye for sales. last time i went into f+s, the only fabric i wanted was $39/yard. and so i left empty handed.

  6. this is so not a slip up! i think it completely counts and i can't wait to see your dressed up furniture.

  7. That clock is pretty dang amazing. And I must say that $3 per yard for outdoor fabric is pretty close to thrifting, even if it's not used.

  8. Oh, the Heath summer collection gets me in ways I can't explain. I'm calling it my mulligan.

    And $3 a yard for outdoor fabric! Nice. That hardly counts as a purchase, since it was really a steal. : )

  9. My favorite work out tees? (as well as sleep tees?) Men's v-neck undershirts. You can get a 5 pack for like $8 bucks at target, or get fancy ones at Macy's (The Calvin Klein ones tend to hold up better, but you're paying a lot for a work out tee).

    P.S. Can't wait to see photos of your reupholstered patio furniture!

  10. Mkay I just made a minor addition to the subtitle of my post juuust for you.


  11. I have that clock! Got it from Habitat in the UK, and it is amazing (and makes it feel like a little bit like living in a bank...)!

  12. I loooove that clock. It would go so great with your style...well, at least the wood console we've seen in pictures.

  13. I love the fabric!! Is it annoyingly enabling that I always think you were right to splurge?!

  14. I continue to salute you in your lack of [or practically lack of] shopping! the most important thing really is just to realize, what do we actually need, verses what urge are we trying to satiate by purchasing something. I think you're doing great.


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