Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday flowers (fabric edition)

Playing with flowers and stripes this week.


These sashes won't be in the shop for a while (um, possibly months, because I'm pretty far behind on my new listings as it is) but one of them will be offered as part of the giveaway for Liam. I thought it would be fun for someone to win the very first one and have it in time for the start of summer.

stripey sashes
{stripey sashes}

I've already entered (did you notice that the Heath set that's been on my wish list is one of the items available? - that would allow me to neatly sidestep the whole hiatus issue, I think). Details are here.


  1. how pretty!!! and how generous of you, great cause!!!

  2. these are stunning and perfectly preppy. can't wait to see the final products!

  3. Rachel these are going to be beautiful!

    I'm very behind the times I think but thanks so much for linking to the Liam blog, it's really touched me. You and all the other donators are doing a lovely, lovely thing.


  4. So beautiful!! I hope you win the Heath set!

  5. oh i'm excited to see the final product!

  6. i can't WAIT for these to appear in the shop!!

  7. Rachel, you're amazing. These are so darling and for such a great cause. How much do I love this blogging community? Lots.

    Also, I'm envisioning these new striped creations being sported on Derby day dresses. Can't wait to see how they turn out!

  8. Oh, I LOVE the stripes! Can't wait to see the finished product! I might need to get one in every colour - green, yellow, & blue make up the Brasilian flag, after all.

  9. I am not entirely certain what these are to be used as, I have searched my mind and truly cannot think of how I would use this sash...

    Some help, please?


  10. @ Mary - as is, they can't be used for anything! Right now I'm just playing around with ribbon and fabric. Eventually, they'll be worn as sashes/belts on dresses and such. You can see examples of similar sashes in my shop.

  11. Oooo lovely! So perfect for summer. Keeping my fingers crossed! :)

  12. Long time reader, first time commenter. Your blog is delightful! Especially the lovely wedding cake for your sister.

  13. I happened to come across this and I must say, lovely blog! Great pictures too, hope you have a fantastic weekend!


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