Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shopping hiatus, week ten

Major cheating last week. For the second week in a row. Sad.  Especially because we're in the home stretch.

Ikea cheats
{ikea cheats - 1, 2, 3, 4}

We kind of did it on purpose, too. I mean, I was resigned to the purchase of a new pillow (#2). But then a friend told us he had some extra tomato seedlings that needed a home and that meant we had to make a home (#3). We could have taken a terracotta pot from my mom's stash, but we wanted something sleeker. And I've been wanting my beloved mandarin quat to get a new outfit (#1). He's still living in the black plastic pot he came in, which is apparently not good for his roots. And, having already cheated, I threw caution to the winds and purchased 3 teeny tiny white ceramic pots that I've been eyeing for months now (#4). For tiny plants around the house, which will probably not survive my care.

D tried to excuse us by saying that it was all for the house and not really for us. I considered not telling you at all and hoping no one would notice. But I'm confessing after all.

As far as the pillow goes, the jury is still out. It really is a nice down, but I'm thinking I should have bought the "back sleeper" one, which has more volume. Ikea believes that stomach sleepers need a thin pillow, but I'm not sure I quite agree. I'm giving myself time to adjust.

Things I want to buy:
*Sunglasses (2 pairs - from Zenni - upgraded to SEVERE want)
*Pillow (purchased from Ikea)
*Perfect workout tee shirts (must be thin cotton, loosely fitted, nice and long, v-neck)
*Serving pieces from the Heath summer collection (specifically, the summer appetizer set and possibly the serving and cutting board set - still want, D on board)
*Small rug for the my office (STILL looking on Craigslist - no luck yet)
*New clock for the kitchen area (specifically, this one which D and I are obsessed with)


  1. It was for the PLANTS, and not for you. It wasn't you. It was them.

  2. The pillow is totally warranted...and as for the pots, the prices at ikea probably barely made a dent. I mean, you'll likely make that money back by not having to buy tomatoes or kumquats at the grocery store anyway!

  3. I second michelle's motion: ikea hardly counts at all, and plants are fair game.
    ... "only two things that money can't buy: that's true love and home-grown tomatoes."

  4. I agree with the milkmaid. It's like buying stuff for your kids.

  5. what if we did a SWAP for the rug in your office?
    i have two lovely ones i am trying to give away. a yellow and white striped from ikea and a pretty discontinued cotton one from urban. thoughts?
    i am in need of fabrics and good books. :)

  6. i don't think the pillow is a cheat at all!
    man, IKEA is dangerous isn't it!

  7. pillows are never a cheat...never. they are like a health requirement because having the wrong one makes for bad dreams.

    that is my story and i'm sticking to it.

  8. i think ikea should count as a get out of jail free card since everything is so darn cheap.

  9. Haha I love reading the above comments. I have the exact pot for my bamboo plants (#1) and it's lovely so I say... great buy!

    Because I'm pretty sure all of the above lassies who left comments, yours truly included, would have done the same thing. For the house, for the house, these items are! Cheating would be getting a new spring dress.

    And thanks for stopping by the studio pics- I very highly doubt you are lacking in painterly bones, my creative friend;)

  11. You guys are total enablers. But thank you. For being so accepting of my weaknesses. And I would feel much, much more guilty if I had cheated and bought clothes for me, instead of homes for plants.

  12. ikea knows about cheap designy things. they do not know about pillows. i sleep on my tummy, and need a fluffy sucker (or two).

    plant homes don't count. it's like buying food for circe. we can't hold it against you.

  13. i love that little black pot! I have a few of the white ones from Ikea and love them...my little dancy tangerine is still in it's plastic pot too (and i kind of feel like a bad plant mom because of it!!!).

  14. You've reminded me that I have a pair of great pots I bought from Ikea ages ago that I should really put some plants in. The little white ones here are great!

    Rachel, I hope you won't mind my mentioning it here, but I this week I am having a small giveaway of a necklace and photos on my blog
    and a sale in my Etsy shop which will include some new items I'm adding later this week
    It would make me so happy if you would stop by and enter the giveaway, especially as it won't break your shopping hiatus ;) Thanks!

  15. Falling in line with the others on this one. Plant pots don't count b/c at least one of those plants will be saving you grocery store money. Score!

  16. how is the pillow??? (want new one too)

  17. Nicley done! I wouldn't worry too much, Ikea is so cheap anway :)

  18. but oh, so necessary.

    btw, if you shop at Target: I love their cotton tees (that forever seem on sale) - soft, thin, long! perfect for you (and inexpensive if you MUST break that hiatus) too.

  19. When your hiatus is over I can point you to the perfect workout shirts. I'm always looking for the same thing - thin, v-neck and long - and found some at Gap online that fit the bill perfectly. Don't want to tempt you with a link though. Inspiring project!

  20. That is so genius about the sunglasses. I've ordered glasses from them with no prescription but no tinting. You are super smart!


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