Monday, March 8, 2010

The weekend, briefly

Saturday started off with a deluge.

rain, freeway
{rain, freeway}

Perfect for tea.

tea pouring
{tea pouring}

And my favorite cozy socks.

cozy socks
{cozy socks}

And a bit of baking.


We poked through a pile of vintage hardware that my mom snagged for us.

thrifted hardware
{thrifted hardware}

And did some general lounging around.

reading nook
{reading nook}

The sun peeked out on Sunday and we managed a quick early evening trip to Malibu pick up our wine club shipment.


*Not pictured - grooming a highly reluctant (and now terribly angry) terrier.


  1. i am liking the springy muffin cups and stripey socks, rachel. and your cup of steamy tea has inspired me to make the best of this gloomy morning. i'm off to go grab a mug right now. thanks for keeping up with the weekend recaps, i look forward to them!

  2. that wine looks great! What a wonderful color! What kind is it?

  3. What a nice weekend, with some cozy socks, baking done and a little trip! Happy week ahead!

  4. I really enjoy your weekend roundup photos :) they're always so lovely, and it looks as if your Saturday was wonderful in spite of the rain!

  5. wasn't the weather so tough to figure out this weekend? looks like you picked the perfect activities.

  6. What a nice weekend....! The weather couldn't figure out what to do this weekend...:) Have a great day!

  7. fuzzy socks and wine! that last photo made me excited to get out of the city for a wine tour.

  8. I am eyeing a chair at a vintage store very much like your "reading nook" chair. Is it very comfortable? Can you curl up and read, or possibly knit, all day long?

  9. Love your weekend photo posts :) Looks like a good one!

  10. Love how the day played out!!
    Just fund your wonderful blog :)

    xoxo Laura

  11. Lovely post! I feel like I'm there :)

  12. Love your weekend, terrier grooming and all!

  13. What a beautiful, perfect weekend! I'm inspired to take photos of my own future weekends. :)

  14. I've just stumbled on your blog and I am smitten with your! It's as if you've captured my favorite things

  15. I LOVE your pictures. I really need a camera. Le sigh.

  16. "wine club shipment"!? fabulous!!
    what rosé are you drinking?


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