Friday, March 19, 2010


I saved my favorite topic for my last guest post on 100 Layer Cake. Make sure to read the comments as well, for a discussion of toxic vs. edible flowers. I totally used toxic flowers on my sister's cake and didn't realize it until a week after the wedding. Whoops. But no one died (or even got sick), so I don't feel too guilty about it.


  1. SO amusing re. toxic fleurs on your sister's wedding cake. About to hop over to 100LC, but first:

    Meyer Lemon Hummus

    -two cans organic chickpeas
    -2 garlic cloves
    -juice from half a dozen meyer lemons
    -some tahini if you have it
    -leaves from several sprigs of lemon thyme
    -good olive oil

    Seriously, just throw it all in the food processor. I like it seriously lemony and not too garlicky, but you can really just go by taste along the way. xo!

  2. My mother made her own wedding cake. The photos of it are stunning. Though she made the flowers out of icing rather than using real ones. That's a good way of avoiding using toxic ones by accident, i suppose.

  3. Hi Rachel! Thank you for your lovely words about my cakes. n


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