Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday flowers

Some greenery seemed appropriate this week, what with St. Patrick's Day and all.

pom poms
{pom poms}

I picked out a green and white mixed bunch. I don't usually go for pre-made bouquets because I like the simplicity of having a single type of flower each week. But I do fall for the weedy mixes sometimes.

greenery + flowers
{greenery + flowers}


  1. I do love those wispy greens.

  2. i love greeen pom poms. there were in all my flower arrangements.

  3. these are so pretty. i recently decided i need more fresh flowers in my life, so i've been buying whatever's in season the last few weeks and sticking them in a vase...not realizing, however, that my kitten is obsessed with flowers and eats them every chance he gets. sigh.

  4. So pretty! Have a great weekend Rachel!

  5. that is lovely...i love a "weedy" mix too!
    have a fantastic weekend!

  6. yes i love weedy mixes. i have a very corporate mass produced arrangement at my desk right now (courtsey of the bf for our anniversary) and i'm not really likin it, sorry to say.

  7. Oh that's a beautiful mix! I love snapdragon!

  8. Hi sweetie,

    the world laughs in flowers....

    Have a beautiful, flowery day!

    xx K

  9. We just picked up a green and white mixture too - on sale, post St Paddy Day, and just wild enough for my taste.

  10. i wanted no greenery in my bouquet but this is so pretty!

  11. Yes! Weedy mixes remind me of bouquets that little kids pick. I can only imagine how many bouquets of dandelions my mom got when we were growing up. This bouquet kind of reminds me of a grown-up dandelion bouquet.


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