Monday, December 22, 2008

Meal planning notepads, part II

Still whipping up a couple of last minute holiday gifts...

The meal planning notepads have evolved. (Click the picture below to see the full sized image.)

Want to make your own? Click the picture to see the full size image, save it to your desktop and then print it as a full page document. Print out as many pages as you would like (I make my pads with 50 sheets, which means I print 25 pages) and then cut them straight down the middle.

Bonus points: I perforate the sheets right above the grocery list portion using my beloved rotary cutter with the perforating blade. This makes it easy to simply tear off the bottom portion to take with you to the grocery store.

Create the notepad as described in this post. For more detailed instructions, see Sarah's post, where I got the idea from originally.

Use magnetic backing (I picked up some rolls like this at Home Depot) to allow you to stick them to the refrigerator for easy access.

I made a personalized version of these for each of the families on my Christmas list. Hopefully they go over well.

*This tutorial is provided for personal use only. Please do not sell this tutorial or create items for re-sale using this tutorial. Tutorial may be re-published only with my permission.


  1. love to see one of these filled up with your menu!
    part III

  2. This is such a great idea! Now only if I could get my fiance to join in. Thanks!

  3. Rachel, I was just talking with my husband about how we would eat much healthier if we planned our meals in advance. In fact, it is our upcoming New Year's resolution, and your pads are perfect for helping us stick with it. Thank you Rachel!

  4. Rachel this is a great idea. I'm always writing on scratch paper my list! xoxo

  5. awesome idea! did you keep up with this?

    1. I semi-kept up with it! I was really good for a year or two and now I'm sporadic. My meal planning strategy has changed a lot and I'm working on keeping up with it. I think I'll probably start using them again soon!


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