Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Heart hoodies

I have a longstanding, unholy addiction to hoodies.

This one, from Etsy seller ellainaboutique looks like the perfect, snuggly choice for winter weather.

While you're over there, feel free to fall madly in love with this adorable little ruffle tank.

Can you tell that I am absolutely addicted to grey?


  1. Hello my beautiful! Happy to see you back--and with such beautiful finds, too!

    Maybe we should buy one hoodie and one tank, and work out a time share...these are SO soft and cozy-chic.

    I'll bet you have some AMAZING holiday projects coming down the pipe. Can't wait to see!!!

  2. I am obsessed with hoodies too!!

  3. (so glad to see you back!)
    Love these!
    Ever since my husband told me that he likes when I wear gray, I like gray EVERYTHING.

    I also like that you spell "grey" with an "e"- it's so much prettier that way.

  4. Hmmmm, hooodies, do you have a cashmere one? I think they have some at Old Navy for crazy cheep, if you are a true hoodie aficionado, you gotta have a cashmere one... nice glasses by the way :)

  5. Hi Rachel, Glad to see you're back...every time you post it reminds me that I must get around to making that rice pudding you posted...

  6. such pretty options...sadly i just realized grey is just about the ugliest color on me. i think i might just ignore that though since i'm in love with the little tank!

  7. very cute hoodie, very feminine!

    i love grey!

  8. gray is great. I am wearing a gray shirt today actually. Is it the new black maybe? Have a great day. just added you to my blog list-thought I lost you in my blog disaster awhile back. Glad to have found you again-love your blog.

  9. Oh my goodness, what a lovely little Etsy shop. Great find! The ruffle dress is ADORABLE.

  10. oooo they are both reallly cute!

    you are feeding my etsy addiction! <3

  11. Wow..! These hoodies are really very cute.


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