Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Another last minute gift

What do you give a 10 year old with a serious detective obsession?

How about a personalized detective notepad?


And some disguises (cut out of wool felt)?


We considered adding a trench coat and some crazy dark sunglasses, but we're trying to keep this strictly in the detective territory without letting it veer off into a scary flasher-esque costume.


  1. How do you come up with all of this? I'm kind of in love with the notepads, so I'm going to have to buy all the supplies now.

    I've tagged you at my blog, in case you somehow run out of fun DIY projects to post about. =)

  2. Inspector clue-so! Love this!
    How about a magnifying glass too!
    Yellow crime scene tape would be fun too.

  3. Magnifying Glass!

    OMG you're the coolest. I totally want one. Wowsers.

  4. I bet my magnifying glass this little detective is going to LOVE this gift!!!

    Rachel have a wonderful holiday!! xoxo

  5. Rachel, you are too brilliant! What a clever gift-those mustaches are a hoot. He is sure to love this!

  6. um my eyes seriously welled up with tears i laughed so hard while reading this. i totally went through a detective stage. sadly, it was in middle school. 8th grade specifically. oops.

  7. So cute! I cribbed this idea for my nephew and gave him mustaches and a book safe.

  8. You are brilliant! My son who is 8 would DIG this gift!!!!

  9. Those little mustaches are seriously so funny!!! I love all your gifting ideas!! Hope you are having very merry holidays : )

  10. Just wanted to say thanks...you inspired me to start sewing, and I received a shiny new sewing machine for Christmas. Let the fun begin!

  11. I love this! he needs a magnifying glass too.

  12. this is one of the cutest, most creative things i've ever seen! eek!!


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