Monday, December 22, 2008

Sell out?

So on Friday I mentioned that we do not have a tree, despite our plethora of Christmas ornaments.

Well, last night I stopped at Home Depot for magnetic backing (this has been the full extent of my holiday shopping by the way, people - I have been way too busy) and I ended up walking out with a Christmas tree.

A fake one.

I'm almost embarrassed to admit it because I adore real trees, with the scent of pine filling the house. But you know what? I do not adore having to haul a dead tree out of my tiny apartment and down the stairs and out to the dumpster. Last time I had to do this it involved a hacksaw (I thought it would be easier if I took the tree apart before trying to move it) and ended in tears of frustration. Plus weeks of finding crunchy pine needles in my socks. Not okay.

So now I have a lovely, incredibly realistic, pre-lit tree that comes apart in three pieces and folds into a box. I'm officially a sell out.

If you're interested in fake trees, check out the GE Just Cut line. They are made out of some amazing synthetic material that looks and feels just like a real tree - not that weird paper confetti. Ours is something like this and it was on sale at Home Depot for $125.

I feel a little guilty, but I'm loving having the tree in my living room. I'm decorating tonight, if I can pry myself away from my craft table.


  1. I'm with you I LOVE a real tree, but after our first year of marriage trying to take the ornaments off a tree that was getting dry and finding needles still in July... I made the change.
    Your ornaments you made will look perfect on your tree!

  2. One of my real tree's light strands went out last night, and I can't mess with the lights to find the problem, because it's just too dry and needles go tumbling to the ground. And my vaccuum is broken from sucking up pine needles. This is to say that sometimes selling out is the way to go. And you can always buy a couple of real boughs for piney sniffing.

  3. Don't feel guilty -- this is probably way more environmentally friendly! And having a perfectly lit tree sounds so much easier than finding lights that actually work and then trying to wrap the cords around so that everything is evenly lit. You are NOT a sell-out. ;)

  4. we had a fake tree growing up and I turned out just I say, embrace your inner plastic.

  5. This post made me laugh so hard! I still feel like a sell out because we bought a fake Christmas tree over three years ago. I guess it's one thing if you've grown up with fake trees, like my husband, but they just don't smell right... I dream about the day when we have the space to do a real tree!

  6. if i hadn't come across so many horribly expensive fake options, i would have been more open to the idea. of course now i'm kicking myself since in only two weeks, we're going to have to haul our real one down two flights of stairs into the dumpster. next year, i'm following your lead.

  7. Don't feel guilty! You're saving yourself from so much work, and you get to re-use it every year. Enjoy the Christmas tree, and have some great holidays xx

  8. hey- ours is fake and nobody can tell! I am so happy for you that you got a tree!!!! now it feels like christmas right!?!

  9. My love affair with real trees ended the year the water for our tree went sour. This was only our second or third year with a real tree, and it took weeks for us to figure out where the smell was coming from. I personally thought my hockey-playing brother was the source, if you need a metaphor for the type of odor I'm talking about.

    To echo Michelle...Embrace Your Inner Plastic.


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