Thursday, September 30, 2010

My life is complete

D found Krusovice cerny at BevMo*. It isn't my beloved Staropramen cerny, but it's pretty amazing. Cerny (which translates to black) beers are dark and just a teeny bit sweet and caramelized but not as smoky or as coffee flavored as you sometimes find in dark beers.


Prague ruins you for life, guys. Nothing else is ever good enough.

*Looks like they're currently sold out online, but he found it at our local store.


  1. :) i love fun discoveries - i found an italian wine that i love at the local market.

  2. oooh i'd love to try this paired with a grilled cheese sandwich! maybe we can recreate our fun night at my new place?

  3. i've never commented on your blog before, but i read it every day and i just have to say you made my heart ache a little bit with this post. i looooove my czech beer, and krusovice was my favorite when i lived in brno.

  4. Just got back from my motherland, Czech Republic. What did I do during my visit home? Tasted beer and more beer lunch and dinner. Of course, it's cheaper than soda, water or coffee. My other recommendations for Czech beer are Kozel or Bernard. Krusovice rocks though!

  5. "Prague ruins you for life, guys. Nothing else is ever good enough."

    As someone who lives 5 hours away from Prague (that's by train and across one border), I second that statement.


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