Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Penpal project

I got a package from sweet Marta in the mail on Saturday  ...

penpal project
{penpal project}

Wrapped perfectly, as always - I'll never get over her handwriting. These postcards are a collaboration between Marta and Summer, both of whom are seriously talented.

postcards, wrapping
{postcards, wrapping}

I love getting personal mail, but I've gotten worse about sending it over the years. I used to have actual friendships that relied on letters because long distance calling was expensive and email didn't exist. Remember that? I would write long letters and then put fun stuff in the envelopes, like glitter. I'm sure people looooved getting those glitter bombs - that stuff sticks around for weeks. (I actually own over 30 different shades of fine glitter but D made me swear to retire them when we moved in together. He is not a fan.)

I'm going to make a vow to send more random mail this season and I can't wait to get these guys out into the world. If you want your own, they're available here. And when I wrote Marta to thank her for the sweet surprise, she offered a little discount for you guys. Enter HEARTOFLIGHT at checkout to get 15% off penpal project orders for today only. Blog friends are pretty wonderful.


  1. i do love getting mail, especially pretty mail.

    i kinda like the glitter idea :)

  2. i love receiving mail as well! ...and saving all my old postcards and letters!

  3. I agree, blog friends are absolutely wonderful.

    Such cute post cards!

  4. I collected postcards when I was a little girl. I finally started up again about six months ago. This time the plan is to actually send them to friends...now that I can write and all. :)

  5. I maintain several friendships through regular letter writing- even a few 'blog friends'. And my boyfriend of 3.5 years who lives a few time zones away. Nothing beats mail.

  6. I love "real" mail, never been a fan of that "snail mail" expression. Even with the convenience of email, I have a friend in Omaha with whom I correspond in letters, it's so fun to get mail, especially cute letterpress cards.

  7. thanks so much for this super sweet feature, rachel! you are wonderful. i do hope you'll enjoy the postcards!


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