Monday, September 27, 2010

The weekend, briefly

The summer we never had decided to show up this weekend. We spent Saturday evening downtown, participating in the LA Craft Beer Crawl. Luckily it had cooled down enough that it was perfect for leisurely walking. They gave us each 6 ounce tasting glasses and a map of the participating bars and we wandered around sampling for the whole evening. You never know how these events will turn out, but this one was mellow and perfect - no crazy lines or frenzied atmosphere.

la craft beer crawl
{la craft beer crawl}

golden gopher alley
{golden gopher alley}

{golden gopher}

lagunitas tasting
{lagunitas tasting}


Sunday was quiet - working and sleeping and trying not to overheat and drinking gallons of cold water.




  1. I didn't know about the beer crawl! So fun. I do, however, know about the heat. I mean, how could you miss it.

    Note to summer: you're over.

  2. A beer crawl? Sounds like the perfect way to spend a hot summery day. We got summer weather here in New England, too- isn't it funny how sometimes the whole country will have exactly the same weather?

  3. I love your image of downtown L.A. Most of us never get to see those parts, just what you see on The Hills (not that I watch that :-) ) and in movies... It seems like there's so much more to your city than people give it credit for.

  4. Beautiful pictures. Sounds like a lovely mellow weekend!

  5. hello notepads, i think i love you.

    oh and the beer crawl, fun.

  6. CRAZY about the weather, RIGHT? i actually got to swim in the ocean! and since my DAD was in town (brewer, craft beer competition judger, all round connoisseur) we made some little beer tours ourselves.

  7. that beer crawl sounds like so much fun and i'm glad the weather calmed down for you. it was pretty miserable the whole weekend.

  8. It sounds like a good time. Glad you enjoyed it!

  9. We were just talking about finding a beer festival, and that beer crawl sounds like it would have been perfect. Lovely pictures, as always!

  10. What a perfect reason to walk around downtown! Just wish I liked beer, or I'd have gone too. :) Love the photos!

  11. how brilliant....a beer crawl sounds great. can't go past a beer on a hot day. love the bed pic with rumpled sheets!

  12. ditto about enjoying your beautiful shots of downtown LA, which most people don't really explore unless of course they are intrepid beer drinkers, go to a lot of jenny lewis concerts, or frequent that bar with the taxidermy, $1 PBRs and the old photobooth.

    also, you know i adore you, but i especially adore you because you are such an unapologetic NAP-TAKER.


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