Monday, September 13, 2010

The weekend, briefly

It was one of those transition weekends - chilly enough that you can tell fall is coming, warm enough to keep eking out a little more summer. These in between times are my favorite.*

We were being productive this weekend so we were inside a lot, but we snuck out to pick up our quarterly wine shipment at the vineyard.


coconut popsicle
{coconut popsicle}



rocky road
{rocky road}

While being productive I also re-watched the entire last season of Dexter. Just to be fully ready for the new season coming up. My TV watching time goes way up when I have sewing to do.

* Even if we never really had summer here and part of me feels like it's going to suddenly pop out and surprise us with an October heatwave. It could happen, guys.


  1. Gorgeous photos - sounds like a perfectly balanced weekend! Have a great week, Rachel!

  2. I love those transition weekends- they feel like the best of both worlds. Yours sounds so productive- wow!

  3. Oh we watched episodes of season 4 too and I was so stressed out! Yowzers, what a season it was and I can't wait for 5!

  4. Indian summer + coconut popsicles, what could be better?

  5. I love these in between times too. Bring on Cali's version of Fall.

    Btw - where did you pick up your wine shipment? Some local winery I don't know about? Please share:)

  6. @ The French - not totally local, but we are members at the Saddlerock winery up in Malibu. You don't need to join the wine club to go visit, but we joined because it forces us to make quarterly trips up there to pick up our shipments. You get two free tastings each time you go and they have a gorgeous little area to sit in, so for us it's money well spent. Even if we are generally bigger beer drinkers than wine aficionados.

  7. IT BETTER HAPPEN!!! I'm counting on a major, preferably long October heatwave. We deserve it after this crappy summer.

    Which is why one must not plant any fall vegetables yet. That's what november is for.

  8. Yeah it was definitely a gorgeous weekend here in SoCal! Loooove this time of year. But I'm with you, I keep thinking we'll get hit with one last blast, or maybe just some Santa Anas, since it's been so mild.

  9. Work-filled weekends aren't so bad. It makes you feel like you've used your time well. Great to see you took a break for some wine and ice cream!

  10. Surely what I'm hoping for (just one more heat wave)!
    Beautiful shots.

  11. I know exactly what you mean with your last little paragraph. I feel like I'm still waiting for just a bit more summer but the weekend had a crispness to the air that was reminiscent of Autumn...

  12. Yes. Please pop up on us! I'm still waiting for my share of summer...

  13. Coconut popsicles sound so yummy!

  14. i agree with jane, looks like a nice balance of work and play!

  15. Aren't you SO EXCITED for Dexter? We watch the trailer for the upcoming season like once a week--it's going to be SO GOOD.
    In other news, I'm reeeaaally jealous that you have a quarterly shipment from a vineyard. Like whoa.


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