Monday, September 20, 2010

The weekend, briefly

Jam packed weekend, with lots of driving and general busy-ness.

Started with some clean out the fridge cooking and baking (pictured - banana bread in process). 


Someone got a new toy and was excited to share. These were almost the only photos where she wasn't a complete blur.

circe's new toy
{circe's new toy}

circe, waiting
{circe, waiting}

An evening walk, with lovely light.

walking in claremont
{walking in claremont}

Huge heart shaped cookie + a teeny bit of my face, photo by D.

heart cookie
{heart cookie}


  1. what a cute picture! you look so pretty :)

    and yumyum banana bread!!

  2. so sweet. james and i have been going on evening walks lately, too. happy monday!

  3. Cute photo! I have that cute top, too, & love the pattern! :)

  4. awwwwww such a cute picture! and the evening walk looks so lovely. xox

  5. hello cutie! :)

    yes, i have been loving the late evening light

  6. cute photo with yummy heart shaped cookie. i also love your dog.

  7. that is such a cute picture with the cookie! and if that dress/shirt is from old navy i have the same one and love it!

  8. that picture of claremont certainly made me a bit homesick for our old college town! such lovely pictures!

  9. I didn't know you lived in Claremont. I went to the Claremont Colleges and loved it. I love all those tree lined streets

  10. @ mandiegirl and the friendliest flower - the dress is from old navy! we're triplets!

    @ Jules - I don't live in Claremont anymore, but I went to Scripps and D went to Pomona, so we try to make it back for visits. We love Claremont! Which school did you go to?

  11. So nice seeing a bit of your face! :-)

  12. I love your dog! So cute! I also love the hear cookie. Yummy!

  13. banana bread! have you talked about your recipe before? i made david lebovitz's last week, and it was tasty, but we're looking for one that's a bit less cake-y.

    lovely photo of you, dear.

  14. How cute are you and your giant cookie? Thanks for reminding me about banana bread! That could almost count as breakfast right??

  15. Ahh - hi Rachel! So nice to see your sweet face! You're nearly as shy as Circe!

  16. Precious. Absolutely precious. :)

  17. Would absolutely LOVE your banana bread recipe! Have tried a couple, but still looking for The One..
    Totally love your blog, I've been steadily reading my way through the archives. My housemate and I have made about 5 of your ruffly headbands, they make fantastic belts!
    Love. :)

  18. Unbelievable. There are SO MANY bloggers who went to the Claremont Colleges! I went to Pitzer. In my defense, I bathed regularly and always had my hair brushed. ;)


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