Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday flowers (+ a winner)

At some point, you guys are going to rebel and refuse to look at pictures of peonies.

Hopefully it won't be this week.

{pink peonies in a yellow glazed cup, made by D}

Oh, do I have other news I'm supposed to share with you? Like telling you the name of the very lucky person who won the Shoestring Home giveaway?


Oh, that's right.


Congratulations, Tammy!

For the rest of us, Mandi is kindly offering a little gift. All purchases of $30 or more will receive this beautiful petite handcreme by Lollia.

Lollia cream

Just head over to Shoestring Home and enter the code HEARTOFLIGHT when you check out - the offer is good until 7/3/09.


  1. i have yet to indulge in the peonies at tjs since i never know when you're supposed to buy them! is it when they're completely closed and kind of ugly or already open and pink and pretty? so tough!

  2. i wish we got peonies here...even had a trader joes. the best we have is a fresh market and they have only carried roses lately.

  3. Still loving those peonies - especially when they are so beautfully photographed! I just want to fall into them...

  4. OMG, Rachel, I am, like, soooo tired of peonies!!!!

    Just kidding. They're gorgeous. Keep showing us peonies, please! xo

  5. Peonies are just so so delightful! Thanks for this visual treat!!

  6. yay!!!

    you've made my day.


  7. Who doesn't love peonies and especially on a Friday too! I can never get enough of them!

  8. I will NEVER tire of peonies, promise. And I love the packaging on that handcreme, simply gorgeous. Happy weekend!

  9. I will NEVER get sick of pictures of peonies. Never.

  10. I can't wait to get some for my dinner bday party...I LOVE PEONIES.
    Jen Ramos
    'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

  11. i will never get tired of looking at your photos of peonies ;-)

  12. i adore peonies! these are so lovely. they are growing bright and big, around our yard- i hope they hold up to the expected rain.
    ; )

  13. I will never, ever tire of pictures of peonies.

  14. I am giving you the "one lovely blog" award because I enjoy seeing what you have posted each day! If you want to give this award to others, pick 15 blogs you love and have newly discovered. Link to them and let them know you have chosen them by writing a comment on their blog. Have fun!

  15. peonies, they are like looking at a fire....never tired of them...

  16. did you seriously print the comments and cut them out and put them in a bowl?

    so worth it for the photos. you've got my vote for indie scientist martha stewart.


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