Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The weekend, briefly

The weekend was as busy as expected, but pretty great. I sleepwalked through my day yesterday, just wishing I could find somewhere to curl up and recuperate. I require a fairly enormous amount of sleep in order to function properly and I haven't been getting it lately.

It's my fault, really. Because, when faced with a long to do list and a severe lack of time, I decide I must make homemade marshmallows.


And design labels for all the food we served at the baby shower.

baby shower - food
{baby shower food}

And speaking of the baby shower ...

baby belly!
{baby belly!}

Later, Circe refused to cuddle with me, and insisted on frolicking all over the bed when all I wanted was a short nap.

circe, paws up

circe, playing

circe crazy eyes

circe, staring
{circe - paws up, playing, crazy eyes, staring}

But she eventually gave in. 

afternoon nap
{afternoon nap}

We made a quick trip up PCH to pick up our quarterly wine club shipment.


And an even quicker stop at Zuma on the way back, to admire the afternoon fog.

zuma, may fog
{zuma, may fog}


  1. circe looks cuter than ever in these pics! a coworker made marshmallows last week...someday i'd like to try it.

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who requires a lot of sleep! And I definitely haven't been getting it either - at least you got a nap in!

  3. What a beautiful and playful dog - it was our National Day yesterday, so we got a longer weekend. Best, Ida

  4. These are so gorgeous! Your pup is so adorable he almost looks like a stuffed animal. And that beach! That fog! Just perfect.

  5. circe has got to be the cutest thing i've ever seen

  6. Love what you said about having to make homemade goodies when you have a severe lack of time. Those times always seem best to bake!

  7. As always I am jealous of your weekend! Though you are busy, it appears you are always doing such wonderful and interesting things!

  8. Paws up is by far the best Circe picture yet.

  9. Paws is so darn cute. I grow up with fox terriers and I love them!

  10. sounds like such a great weekend and i'm glad you were able to slip in a nap and a trip to malibu. i insist that you get those three shots of Circe in separate stacked frames. she kills me.

  11. wow, what an amazing, action-packed weekend!! Looks like it was a wonderful one.

  12. I just stumbled upon your site, and I must say that I find it very inspirational! All your projects, musings, thrift store finds and flowers really make me smile. Thanks for sharing this cool little space with the world!

    P.S.: Aren't naps with sleepy pets the best? My cat Koko is a pro at them.

  13. That weekend looks SUPER awesome. Cute baby bump :)

  14. Homemade Marshmallow????
    OMG! That looks so dreamy :)

  15. what a lovely weekend. How did those marshmallows turn out? Love the lil' heart cookie cutters.

  16. Ok, weird question:

    How do you pronounce your dog's name???

    It's been driving me crazy when I read it, cause I don't know how to say it in my mind!


  17. @ JessieBelle - It's pronounced "sir-see" but all run together, if that makes any sense. We don't say the two syllables distinctly. Her name is a Greek mythology reference and almost everyone has a bit of trouble with it! But it suits her so well.

    @ Amy - the marshmallows are foolproof! Recipe link up tomorrow.

    @ everyone - realized that the baby shower references might have been ambiguous - it isn't my belly in that picture, in case anyone is curious. The shower was for a dear friend.

  18. oh for a naptime....and love that baby belly!

  19. Your marshmallows are gorgeous--and making them looks fun! I, too, tend to decide that I must bake at the busiest times. And I seem to require plenty of sleep, as well, but hardly ever get it. I feel guilty and wimpy for needing it, which I realize is just silly. Your post has made me feel better.

    Please sign me up for the Circe fan club.

  20. haha that sounds like something i would do. i am always baking when i have more important things to do. your dog should be friends with my dogs, she's so cute.

  21. what a nice weekend. i love the heart shaped marshmallows :)

  22. Looks like a busy but fun weekend, your dog is gorgeous by the way. Are marshmallows easy to make? I've always wanted to try. I saw them make some gorgeous pink ones on the river cottage and used beetroot for the colour.

  23. Marshmallows, baby belly and nap with a pup? Yep, that sounds about right. Great weekend :)

  24. wow! this is very nice! also i love your puppy very cute.

  25. Napping with Circe sounds like a slice of heaven!

  26. I heart your blog. And you have the cutest dog ever! More photos of Circe please! I LOVE snuggly naps with my pup.

  27. What kind of dog is Circe? She is too precious!!

    xoxo shelle


  28. did i already post this? that circe is so effing cute i can't stand it? well, she is, and i can't.


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