Friday, February 28, 2014

Just a quick announcement ...



I have plans for them. Fingers crossed this goes better than every other attempt I've ever made.


  1. Pretty! I love having plants in my apartment! I used to live in a very bright third floor apartment, but when I moved to a garden level studio last summer I killed almost all of my plants, I've been on a hunt for low light plants that can survive in my little abode with just a few hours of direct sunlight (on a good day)

  2. My in-laws friends had a sunroom filled with ginormous plants and tucked a couple sun chairs in there. My dream...right now I have toddlers so plants are consuming every high surface I have. Maybe I need to start handing them from the husband will cringe if I do ;)

  3. That is so awesome. My mom tells me all the time to put some greenery in our space but I feel like I have the blackest thumb that ever was. :/ Lol.


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