Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dealing with extra deep drawers

Four of the eight drawers in my new kitchen are pot drawers. Super deep, not terribly useful, pot drawers. If I used them as intended, it would mean that half of my available drawers were being used to hold three pots and our food storage containers. This just doesn't work if you also have lots of smaller kitchen implements that you use on a daily basis.

Luckily D is a master with cardboard and a glue gun, so we pulled everything out that we wanted available and he corralled it all into triple layer storage. It is roughly arranged so that the items we use most often are closest to the top. You have to remove each layer in order to get down to the next, of course, but it is absolutely the best solution for us.

1st level
{1st level}

2nd level
{2nd level}

3rd level
{3rd level}

He made custom inserts for our shallow drawers as well, which makes a world of difference in keeping everything easy to access. You'd think cardboard wouldn't be strong enough but we know it holds up because he did this for our last kitchen as well. There are major advantages to living with an architect. All those model building skills you suffer to learn really do have practical applications.


  1. i've been marveling at the projects you two work on at home, but i didn't realize that your husband is an architect. this makes so much sense! (and now i'm really wishing that my husband was studying architecture instead of psychology.) our kitchen has no drawers at all, just a gaping open cabinet divided into two shelves with no door. seeing what you've done to your kitchen, i wonder how we've survived without improvising some sort of better solution to ours for the last 3.5 years.

    1. To be fair, the larger furniture projects owe more to his long term interest in woodworking than the degree. But I'm pretty sure the amazing hot glue gun skills are all architecture!

      And I promise, architecture school is a unique sort of hell that I wouldn't wish on anyone, even though it eventually comes with fantastic drawer inserts. : )

  2. This is amazing. You guys are so crafty!! As a designer I too suffered through years of model building - I'm tooootally going to start putting those skills to use around here

  3. I love how much you're posting, again, and I am obsessed with your small space storage solutions! :)

  4. What a neat idea! I must show the hubs!

  5. I am just in awe of you guys. I have all cabinets that have very narrow openings - have to tilt pots diagonally to get them in - drives me nuts! So I could do with one pot drawer. I am inspired to make some custom inserts myself now. Thanks as always for the awesome ideas!

  6. Such a smart solution!


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