Thursday, February 20, 2014

Around here

Lots and lots of little projects, a few big ones.

slow roasting tomatoes
{slow roasting tomatoes}

sunday morning spooning
{sunday morning spooning}

pot shelf
{pot shelf}

crown knot, knees
{crown knot}

dog ate my homework
{dog ate my homework}

circe supervisor
{circe supervisor}

I am learning how to cook in our little kitchen and it involves a lot of balancing. I use the sink as counterspace, I use the stove as counterspace, I prop bowls in the dish drainer. It is interesting.

Circe has become the most cuddly dog on the planet. She tries to split the night evenly to be fair to both of us, so she starts out curled up against my stomach and then transitions over halfway through to hang out with D. The Thundershirt continues to be a success and we've found she doesn't even need it every night anymore.

Yet another kitchen shelf we installed, this one for our pots and pans. We used Ikea brackets and a piece of wood and then added the rail and hooks below. It's working out pretty well.

It's been way too long since I've tackled a creative project so naturally I decided to get into macrame. Hopefully I'll have some results to show you soon.

We found Brouweij West's Dog Ate My Homework at our local liquor store and I was thrilled. It was my favorite beer from the brew crawl last year. The bottle is not bad either.

The cabinets are  not entirely installed yet, but we are SO close and they are going to be amazing. D built these from scratch. He is pretty great.


  1. Those shelves are going to be fantastic! Where is that great circular rug from?

    1. West Elm! D's birthday gift to himself, which I luckily get to benefit from as well.

  2. Circe is just beyond adorable!

  3. If you haven't, you must try Brouweij West's Saison. It's a red label with a cat (possibly playing pinball) it's one of my absolute favorites!

    Also, I am slowly trying to acquire a set of CathrineHolm bowls for myself and have been meaning to ask you what sizes yours are?

    1. I need to measure them and get back to you! This is the post where I show all of them together, for scale, but I'm not sure what they measure. I'll try to check tonight.

    2. Okay! I checked and I have these sizes:
      11" across
      9.5" across
      7 7/8" across
      5.5" across

      I think they might go one size smaller but I don't have that one. Good luck with your hunt!

  4. Ahhh so awesome. Can't wait to see the finished product. :)

  5. Circe is sooo cute I just can't handle it!!!


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