Thursday, December 8, 2011

The weekend, belatedly (and not so briefly)

So it's December! Thursday feels like Monday! Posting will happen whenever I can manage to make it happen!

We got hit with a confluence of real work, holiday festivities, general festivities and family needs. I looked at my calendar last week and started to throw up my hands, thinking that we'll just have to power through this month and hope to sleep in January. Or maybe February.

But that isn't very festive. Then the Border Grill, as part of their ongoing quest to make up for our wedding (they really are very nice, you guys), invited us to their holiday cooking demonstration/meal. I wrung my hands at D for about half an hour (via chat) going back and forth about how it wouldn't work out, we couldn't spare the time. And then I realized it was time to man up, make a decision and stop thinking about it or justifying it. So I declared that we would take Saturday off from everything, go to this class and go slowly, via public transit. It was awesome.





We bought day passes and took the bus + subway across town (I know this is LA, but this is easier than people believe it to be - I did it that entire month I had jury duty), walked the few blocks up to the Border Grill. The cooking demonstration was hilarious, the food delicious, the drinks strong. And when we were done at 4 pm, we wandered around downtown, got holiday macarons at Bottega Louie (they have eggnog and peppermint right now!), hit up Más Malo for a couple of leisurely happy hour drinks (the pinata smash is AMAZING) and then meandered back across town, hopping off the bus for a YogurtStop fix and even managing to squeeze in an errand at Century City.

We still fit in some dog time and helped my parents get a jump start on their holiday decorating on Sunday.

snowy head
{snowy head}

lenox snowflake
{lenox snowflake}

My parents are working on simplifying, so this year in lieu of a tree they're just displaying their collection of Lenox snowflakes. They've been buying one each year since they got married. Awww.

This week, I've been getting home from work each evening and immediately putting on my apron. Because this weekend is kind of a big deal around here. (Listening to the David Bowie/Bing Crosby station on Pandora, which can be hit or miss, but is definitely festive)


  1. You are hilarious, glad you took an afternoon off (I can't wait to do that in a week when I finish graduate school!!! yes!!! And the dogs always make me smile :)

  2. Oh, man. I really want to make a gingerbread house. A friend of mine is having a gingerbread house party, but they're using graham crackers. Which, is totally fine, but did take a moment for me to understand.

  3. I don't know what I love more, the David Bowie station on Pandora or your parent's tradition of Lenox snowflakes.

    Will you and Mr. Heart of Light start a tradition like that?

    Love this post...


  4. loved the picture of cranhattan! have a Cupcake sweet day!

  5. I'm so glad you took that time off. It sounds like you needed it.

    Can't wait to see the gingerbread aftermath! Maybe I should try that with my niece & nephew this year. Maybe. (I can see it being a complete disaster, but it could still be fun. Or maybe I should wait until next year...)

  6. My company had their Christmas brunch at Border Grille this week. Great food! And I'll have to go down to Bottega Louis to try the holiday flavors. Yummy!

  7. @ Diane - I don't know! D and I don't really have any traditions, despite how long we've been dating. Except for eating cheap chinese takeout on Valentine's Day every year.

    @ Kristy - DO IT! It's so fun with kids. You have to make the houses ahead of time and just let them decorate but that's actually what we do with adults too! We have a sweet home video of us kids decorating little houses when we were very young.

  8. That lenox collection is classic :)

  9. That lenox collection is classic :)

  10. I love your promotion of LA public transportation! I hate how most people here think that taking the bus is asking to be murdered or something. When I used to tell people I was taking the bus home from work, they'd always give me a horrified/sad face and offer to give me a ride.

    I am super duper excited about the new light rail to downtown, one of the stops is only about a mile from my house!

  11. That's my Christmas Pandora station too! I love the Lenox snowflakes, what a wonderful tradition. We collect one ornament from everywhere we travel, which makes our tree very travel-heavy but pretty. Have fun this weekend!

  12. Sounds like the day off from all the madness was well spent!! Snowflakes are so cute!!


  13. Sounds like a wonderful weekend x

  14. I adore your blog! Following now

    xoxo, H

  15. great shot of downtown!! every time I go down there it's a disaster but your pictures actually makes it look like a civilized place. xoxo

  16. @Jess

    Thanks, Jess! And to be fair, I was there on a Saturday, and downtown is pretty quiet on the weekends. I like the weekday bustle as well, but not the parking mess. Hence, my willingness to take a much longer bus ride instead of just driving our car.

  17. @Julie

    Yes! I'm not sure why people are so freaked out about public transit. Granted, you do wait a little longer if the bus is being slow, but you don't have to waste time searching for a parking space, which I find incredibly annoying.

  18. That sounds like the perfect day! And I love public transportation - driving gets old fast.
    xx Lexi
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