Thursday, December 1, 2011

A little more Heath

The annual Heath sale started the week before Thanksgiving. We'd been hoarding a gift certificate we got for the wedding and we went with a fairly specific idea of what we could use. Specifically, a covered serving dish.

But then we found this platter. I picked it up and didn't want to put it down again. It's enormous and persimmon orange and it was the only one.

heath platter + covered dish
{heath platter + covered dish}

I'm generally pretty good about not buying stuff on impulse. But every once in a while I get a feeling about something. You know the feeling. That tug that makes you pretty sure you were subconsciously looking for that specific thing all along. I've had it with two pieces of art and with my Catherineholm bowls and I still think those are among the best purchases I've ever made. D had it with those decanters we found on our honeymoon.

I struggle a bit with the whole idea of consumerism. Things shouldn't make me happy, and yet sometimes they do. So I try to figure out how to winnow it down so that I'm purchasing a minimal number of things that will give me a maximum amount of enjoyment. I limit my purchases, I listen to my gut, I certainly don't always nail it but I'm loads better than I used to be. A little hint - if you get the feeling all the time, you might want to hit the reset button. The shopping hiatus worked really well for me in that regard.

There's a little bit more about my ongoing relationship with spending money here. I guess I think about this a lot, even more as we enter the SHOPPING SEASON.

This was actually just supposed to be a post about how awesome my new platter is - we used it for the turkey and it was perfect and I love it.


  1. i went through the same process of a shopping hiatus (layoff-imposed, not self-imposed though!) then starting over with a new outlook. i am SO much happier now, buying less and i've found i now have pieces in my home and wardrobe that i truly cherish. those heath pieces are gorgeous!

  2. Love Heath's dishes, etc!! This one is great - love the color!


  3. Beautiful! Those will both get so much use through the years.

  4. Guhhh. Heath is so gorg, and those colors are perfect separately and together.

  5. gorgeous colors. and simple design. loved it!
    have a Cupcake sweet weekend!


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