Monday, December 19, 2011

The weekend, briefly

Things are decidedly more Christmas-y around here.

christmas 2011
{christmas 2011}

The tree is up!

ornament box
{ornament box}



at home
{at home}


I successfully made my favorite Christmas cookies. For the first time ever. I feel victorious.

christmas baking
{christmas baking}

We had our 13th annual girls' Christmas party.

flocked tree!
{flocked tree}

It's getting good.


  1. God, I love getting a glimpse of Christmas in other people's homes. Your looks particularly cozy :-)

  2. I love your table in the last picture. How sweet!

  3. Everything looks absolutely lovely! I adore your tree topper

  4. I absolutely adore that cushion in gold. Would you mind sharing your source? It's so holiday festive without being Santa-clausy, and I'm smitten!

  5. 13th annual?! That's awesome. Your house looks so cozy all decorated. Happy holidays!

  6. @ Meagan - The pillow is from West Elm and I've been eyeing it since before Thanksgiving. It's screen printed with this gorgeous gold ink and I kept wanting to find a way to DIY something similar, but short of an actual screen printer, I couldn't come up with a good way. So I gave in and purchased it.

  7. Hooray for being more Christmas-y! I finally hung our wreath, although my roomie and I decided not to get a tree, since we'll both be at our respective parents' houses anyways. But we did do lights and other little things around the place! We do a friends Christmas too, ours is this Friday. :) Love your tree topper!

  8. Pretty pictures, they feel so cozy!

    What are your fave cookies? Are they difficult to make? Was that what the oranges were for? I'm very intrigued!

  9. Happy Holiday's! Your house looks fabulous :) So cozy and Christmas-y.

    xo Jen

  10. Such lovely photos! Talk about the holiday spirit :) I love them.

  11. aaah gorgeous pretty snaps! i love that cushion w the gold print...have a wonderful silly season and i hope you get spoilt & have lots of love & fun around you. dayle

  12. I just love Christmas time! Yay for baking - hope you'll share the recipe :-)
    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  13. @ Em-Jae - The cookies are up today! They sound complicated, but are totally worth it, in my opinion.

  14. I like your glitter circle garland, and I have those same socks. Excellent.


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