Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Printable holiday labels

In case you're doing a bit of last minute edible gift making ...

gifts boxed
{gifts boxed}

Here are the fleur de sel caramel sauce labels I used last year - there are a couple different sizes on the sheet, because I had different sized jars. I just cut them out and spray glued them to the lids of the jars. The recipe I use is from Deb, except I use a good pinch of sea salt rather than salted butter. I've made this sauce for the last three years and I plan to keep going. I know that technically Deb recommends you use it within two weeks, but I'm not quite that conservative. If you keep it refrigerated, it's going to stay perfectly good for a long time. Mine has never lasted more than a month (because I can't resist it) but I did have a family friend hoard his over the course of several months and he swears it was delicious to the last spoonful. I recommend using it within one month and that's what the label says.

And if you think my expiration dates are totally sketchy or just want to write on the labels yourself, here is a blank version.

I don't think I got a photo of these last year, but they are fold over labels that work beautifully on glassine envelopes. Just print on cardstock, cut them out, fold them over the top of your envelope and staple them (or sew them) closed. I used them for toffee and for gingerbread cookies, amongst other things. If you'd like blank ones, I've made a sheet of those as well. They're handy to have around.

I still have to design labels for our edible gifts this year, because we're adding a couple more to the roster. But I haven't even started yet. We'll get there. I hope.

*All of these PDFs are provided via Google docs, so when you go to the link, just click on "file" and then select "download original" to save a copy to your computer.


  1. Those look delicious! I can't wait to see what you come up with this year : )

  2. These labels are lovely!

  3. I made the caramel sauce that you posted about last year this year and it came out beautifully. Nothing burnt - it was perfect and one 1kg of sugar and several bricks of butter later I had made enough sauce for all of my friends and then some. However, after several frustrating and mangled jar lid labels (for the life of me, I couldn't work out how you designed the labels or make them stick so well to the lids) I resigned to the fact that I would have to stick the labels onto the actual glass jar itself. It still looked good, but I did think that your labels for the lids of the jars looked better. And after handing them all out today and being very satisfied with my creative skills (and yours) I find that you have put up the template for the jar lids! Unbelievable.
    Thanks Rachel for always being there to give me the fantastic ideas that makes every occasion special. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! x

  4. @ April - Oh! I wish I'd gotten these up just a little earlier! I meant to, but it took me a while to track down the files and convert them.

    So glad that your caramel turned out well and I'm sure that your jars look lovely! Merry Christmas!

  5. I can't wait to make this! Thanks, Rachel.

  6. so generous of you to share the labels :)
    i came over after seeing your salted caramel sauce on cupcakesandcashmere because i make it as well! yours looks lovely.

    here is my recipe! x

  7. Perfect indeed for edible gifts on the rush because you just need to print, cut and stick it on to the jar covers. I remember the kind of labels my mom used to make for her jams and jellies back then. I used to help her by marking the bottles and selling them to our neighbors.

  8. I love these labels, I've just downloaded them for my own jams, sauces, jars of granola, etc... I also adore the font you've used on your label. Could you share with me what script you've used? Thanks! I'm a big fan of your blog!


    1. So glad you like them! The font is Fairfax Station and it's one of my go to choices for holiday stuff.


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