Tuesday, August 2, 2011

D on bloggy wedding pictures

D: Wow. That looks like someone hung thongs up on the wall.

Me: Uh, that's bunting.

D: What's bunting?

Me: You know, like the stuff that used car salesmen put out, but cuter.

Apparently, someone around here isn't totally aware of all the wedding blog trends. Luckily, this was a purely academic discussion because if I had had my heart set on bunting, I would have had some serious convincing to do. Don't worry - we're having metallic streamers instead.

P.S. Still on jury duty.


  1. brilliant! I recently attempted to explain the blog trends for parties and weddings to my bemused boyfriend, needless to say he found the whole concept completely crazy...

  2. When I tried to explain bunting to my fiancé, he said, "Won't our wedding look like the dog races, then?" What?!? So I went ahead and made it, and now he loves it. :)

  3. Very funny but at the same I thought that was a very good explanations from you actually (I also needed to be explained about bunting)!

  4. 1. F*** some jury duty. Sorry. I HAD to say it. I feel better now.

    2. I love the bunting conversation! HA! My husband, Jim, and I got married on the front lawn of his stepfather's home. At our rehearsal, I asked him if it was OK for me to hang bunting in our "wedding tree." (Blank stare.) I showed him the bunting, and he said: "Sure. I don't care. Hang that hippie sh*t." Everybody got a kick out of that! (photo of the "hippie sh*t" here)

  5. Yikes, that's a long time for jury duty!

    and this conversation is priceless. I'm sure my husband and I had a few like it during our planning process. I am also sure that he has no clue what bunting is.

  6. hah, love this conversation so much! Nicole your ceremony tree looks absolutely beautiful and Rachel I love Jordan's fringey streamers, can't wait to see the final results!

  7. LMAO well that settles that! Can't wait to see it all come together (and I bet you can't, either). :)

  8. hahahahah - great



  9. this made me so happy.
    soo. somewhere in santa barbara, a similar couple had a similar conversation (my fiance and i) lol.

    me:omg look how cute this is
    j: what is that edible ribbon
    me: no!
    j: is that our tiramisu cake
    me: no!
    me: they are stacked wheels of cheese made to look like a tiered wedding cake, with ribbons wrapped around each "layer" and little heart crackers.
    j: i don't get it.

    apparently my fiance can't tell the difference between our wedding cake (a dessert pastry) and a wheel of blue cheese and crackers. gotta love it!

  10. oh good i nipped this in the bud early - made my sweetheart a bunting with his name for his birthday a year ago so we had that conversation then - he'll be prepped for the wedding :)

  11. sorry about jury duty.



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