Monday, August 8, 2011


We are four weeks out, you guys. I'm a little freaked about the wedding stuff.

Seemed like a good time to bone up on the actual marriage bit. Per the wise lady's recommendation ...


I will admit that I love economic principles regardless of the topic, but I'm pretty sure you'll like the book even if you don't share my abiding fascination with dorky graphs. It's the sort of thing you should probably re-read every once in a while, as a reminder. It helped me feel way less guilty about the fact that D always does our laundry. ALWAYS. But I don't think I've ever seen him clean the kitchen, and this book is all about smart division of labor, so we're good.


  1. i love that you're doing your "required reading" before taking the big plunge! i think, above and beyond everything else, the most important thing is communication. maybe what works for you two isn't what works for anyone else, but as long as you're always open about what's working and what isn't working for YOU, you'll be happy. For us, I HATE (for some reason?) vacuuming & sweeping, but don't mind scrubbing toilets, which he gags even going close to. so it works out! and i never have to get out a dustpan :)

  2. I'm four months out and I'm freaked out too.

    We did our premarital counseling, and our church is doing a communication for couples study through August. That has been helpful. I do have that book on my reading list. Hopefully I get to it before the wedding!


    love you guys.

  4. I need to check that book out--I'm already married, but always looking for things that will enrich our marriage even more. We did premarital counseling, but it was brief, since we were semi-long distance at the time. Thankfully, we have parents with great marriages who taught us by example, and I'm so grateful for that. Weddings are intimidating and marriage can be, too, but so well worth it.

  5. That's so funny, my fiance always does our laundry, too, but never cleanes the kitchen and we're getting married in septemeber also. :-)
    Wish you all the luck and happiness!! I'm freaking out a little, too...

  6. Married couples in Malaysia are very different! Husband works and wife does the housework & child care no matter what (even if the wife works!) If wife is lucky, husband will be able to afford a foreign domestic helper (stay-in /part-time)to do his "part" in household chores. Conclusion: Malaysian men are off-the hook in matters of domestic chores!

  7. I think we might be getting married at the same time. Four weeks - i don't know how it happened so fast! But I do know that i want that book...

  8. I am definitely getting this book for my future-husband (getting married in 4 weeks too!). I read a few pages the other day and its exactly how he thinks about things already... He works in finance, so its pretty much the perfect gift.

  9. i need to check this book out! it might be one my husband will actually read, haha.

    thanks for sharing!



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