Friday, July 29, 2011

Around here

Still on jury duty, still living in an apartment that looks like a wedding exploded, still not doing any grocery shopping. Basically, it's a routine.

cake topper to be
{cake topper to be}

fringey streamers
{fringey streamers}

paint swathes
{paint swathes}

painted tablecloths
{painted tablecloths}

I realize that our cake topper is currently polygamous - I couldn't choose between the two men and I decided that whoever gets rejected will still be a worthy addition to our current collection. The lady was chosen because her boobs were the least scary of all the options I saw. She'll be getting a veil replacement.

I've always loved those fringey streamers from Jordan, and we're currently thinking they'll get deployed in a couple of places. We have a few little sore spots at the venue that could use coverage. These are super easy to make.

There will be more on the tablecloths later, but we're both really happy with how they're turning out.


  1. those tablecloths look awesome. hope the craziness ends soon!

  2. Oh my goodness.... the tablecloths! Soooo pretty. xo.

  3. Love the tablecloths. Based on what I've seen here, I think the wedding is going to be fabulous! (You didn't ask, but I'd choose the groom on the left with the cane - seems a bit more dapper. For a skeleton, anyway. ;-)

  4. I just love the Cake Toppers!! Theme? Dia de los Muertos??

  5. I agree with Mary. I also prefer the hat on that groom. But, they're both cute ;)

  6. The hat!


  7. Those cake toppers are fantastic and so unique! Love it! I love the hat....completes the look :) happy weekend!
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  8. Love the cake toppers!

    Kisses from Hong Kong,

  9. those streamers look fantastic!

  10. Love the streamers. Adore anything fringy. Such pretty colors on the tablecloths. I Loooove the cake toppers. Very unique and creative! I vote for the man with the cane. He's very elegant looking.:)

  11. Wow, so many beautiful details in those streamers, cake toppers and tablecloths! I cannot wait to see how it all comes together. Good luck with the remainder of jury duty!

  12. streamers and painted tablecloths. i like!

  13. I love the cake toppers. You have a great wedding style:)


  14. Those table cloths look so amazing! And the cake toppers are so cute. Thanks for sharing :)!

  15. Love the painted table cloths, and I also like the groom with the cane + top hat. Charming.

    Hope jury duty isn't taking up *too* much time.

  16. I adore the idea of a DIY tablecloth!
    Fabulous color choices.
    Reminds me a bit of the HBC point blanket.

  17. I LOVE the cake toppers!


  18. Unreal cake toppers. I hate cake toppers. Yours are the exception.

  19. Love those tablecloths! I assume you painted them yourself, and they look fabulous! Don't stress about your upcoming nuptials, they will go perfectly with your schedule i'm sure!

  20. SUPER exciting to see all the details. You must be beside yourself.

    Enjoy it, my friend.


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