Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The weekend, briefly

We had goals this weekend.

weekend plans
{weekend plans}



tangible love
{tangible love}

late lunch
{late lunch}

rescued succulents
{rescued succulents}

Weekend notes:

I did get my taxes done, but I bailed on wedding planning. We need to figure out the floor plan and we keep getting stuck on table layouts (and round vs. rectangular). And we're not allowing ourselves to move onto anything detail related until all the big stuff is settled. Humph.

The first oranges of the season are for eating, absolutely. The last oranges of the season, so ripe they only last a day or so out of the fridge, are for juicing. I normally don't bother with cute gestures (because I think they are mostly wasted on men - even very stylish architects with excellent taste in design) but I had been an exhausted and generally lame partner last week, and I knew D wanted to get around to juicing those oranges, so this was a thank you specifically for him.

Quiche makes an excellent weekend supper. I used my basic recipe, but this time used a whole bunch of swiss chard (sauteed and then finished with a splash of vermouth), brown button mushrooms, and green onions.

A local shopping center did a lovely job landscaping with foxtail agave but hasn't been keeping up with it and the planters are over run with pups. D couldn't handle the temptation anymore, so we rescued a few and brought them home so they could be appreciated.


  1. Your weekend looks / sounds lovely! You even make doing taxes seem fun! The quiche also looks divine, I will check out the recipe now! xxxxx

  2. quiche for dinner is one my most favorite things. right up there with checking tasks of the to-do list.

  3. Is that Shiner beer I spy in your fridge? YUM. That is all :)

  4. love these pictures. love that you juiced the oranges and left him a note. this inspires me :)

  5. Your wekend sounds lovely! I tried to do my taxes but ended up owing a lot so I'm pretty sure I did them wrong.


  6. Quiche screams weekend to me. Yours looks delicious. And it's so cool how you can just plant succulents right in the ground without much care and they'll survive. So great.

  7. I love your yellow frame! You have inspired me to do some painting of my own. I have a closet of chunky frames just waiting for a place :)

  8. The juice with the note is a cute picture. The tape adds a little character to the pic =)

    - Sarah

  9. That OJ looks amazing. Fresh squeezed was the only way we were served it in Spain. They have these super awesome automatic juicers that slices the oranges in half and press them. I want one.

  10. i feel so inspired after reading this post, rachel. quiche is now on this week's menu. and grant is definitely getting a mini pitcher of hand-squeezed orange juice. he will be ecstatic. thank you, thank you!!

  11. your little juicing gesture + note to D melts my heart. that's exactly why you're perfect for each other, and why it's going to be, my dear, a very happy mawwiage indeed.

    love you guys.

  12. love quiche on a weeknight too. it's so easy to mix it up with different things :)

  13. quiche+fresh squeezed oj=best weekend ever.


  14. I just discovered your blog through cupcakes and cashmere and I am in LOVE. I will be adding this to my daily blog read. Your pictures are so pretty and simple. Love, love, love :)



  15. Really like your weekend picture summary. . . Loving the juice.


  16. love the "tangible love" idea/shot, very nice :)

  17. I am so in love with your blog! Great photos from the weekend! That lunch looks amazing and I love that tangible love juice. Awww!!! That's great you got your taxes done! xoxo

  18. your little juice note is soo sweet :) xo

  19. That was very sweet of you. I smiled at the sight of that cute note, "tangible love" it is. Taxes are really irks me, good thing your done.

  20. we just recently booked out rentals and went with the rectangular tables. they are so much better for conversation and tight homey feeling. which is good when most of your guests know each other, or so the gal at the shop told us. good luck!

  21. Just found your blog. Love, love, love the yellow chalk board!


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