Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The weekend, briefly

So much running around and so few photos. I had one of those days where I thought I had a perfect schedule set up and then everything I did ended up taking 1.5 times as long as I expected. Hopelessly behind by the end of the weekend.

tangerines, daisies
{tangerines, daisies}

circe exploring
{circe exploring}

snowy tail
{snowy tail}

granola bars, half chocolate
{granola bars, half chocolate}


Weekend notes:

It's funny, how I can be so done with oranges this late in the season but a friend offers up tangerines and I'm all over it. They are so good. She also gave me several grapefruit, which I promptly devoured. I do love citrus.

D likes chocolate on his granola bars (shockingly, I'm not crazy about chocolate, so I usually don't go for it). The method I've settled on is to sprinkle chocolate chips over his half of the tray after the bars are all rolled out. Then I stick it in the (still warm but not on) oven for a few minutes to let them soften up and use the offset spatula to spread them out. Cool in the fridge if it's warm out. 


  1. I love citrus too. I've been addicted to blood oranges lately! I love your "compromise granola"!

  2. M'dear, I think some weekends are like that, where everything takes twice as long...Take solace in knowing that you are far from alone there. It took me 90 minutes to grocery shop, and I still managed to forget things!

  3. i love the daisies in with all those tangerines. wishing you a happy week.

  4. the daisies with the tangerines look so good. that could be a good centerpiece fora wedding!

    what granola bar recipe do you use? i've been wanting to make some

  5. MUST try those granola bars. Which recipe did you use? I find it hard to pick one where they don't fall apart...

  6. wishing that plate of grapefruit was in front of me right now.

  7. Oh, excellent idea about the chocolate chips. I'm going to have to try that.

  8. I love grapefruit too! Especially sprinkled with sugar!



  9. Just yesterday, as I ate a packaged and probably chemical packed granola bar, I said to Mike 'I need to figure out how to make these myself'. And then here you are. If you'd be willing to share, it sounds like there are a few of us who would be very thankful!

  10. Looks like it was a wonderful weekend! Love! xo

  11. GRANOLA BARS! I've made these multiple times in the past and posted about them, but the original recipe is from Summer and you can find it on her blog.

    They are so good. I make them every couple weeks, with different additions or subtractions and we snack on them regularly. They aren't low calorie, but they're so much less sketchy than grocery store granola bars and they taste better.

  12. Glad you like the tangerines and grapefruit! There are still plenty more, so if you want to stop by on a weekend to grab more just let me know!

    Love, Marysia

  13. i adore fresh grapefruit. sounds like a great weekend

  14. Um, Marysia, can I get some? You ship to India, right?


  15. I'm a sucker for pictures with brown paper, fruit, and daisies so your first picture definitely caught my eye. Thanks for sharing.

    - Sarah

  16. I just love your photography. No matter what you snap a picture of, it is warm and pretty. You take the most inviting pictures of any blogger I follow!

  17. I don't like chocolate either: everyone thinks I am kidding/crazy!

  18. The light in your pictures is always so gorgeous. I think that is why your weekend posts are some of my favorite.


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