Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ikea Christmas

We made a very quick stop at Ikea because D needed to pick up something for work. It would have been even quicker, except that I found this fabric and then had to find someone and convince them to cut it for me. I got red and blue.

ikea loot
{ikea loot}

Ikea fabric is almost always 59" wide, which makes it perfect for easy tablecloths. I was in love with this pattern the moment I saw it and it's even better when you see it in full scale. Like many of the Ikea fabrics, it's a gorgeous 100% cotton that's hefty enough to be close to canvas. Clearly worth much more than the $4.99 a yard that it actually costs. 
{snoa flinga fabric, photo from Ikea}

I took the last of the red at the Orange County Ikea, so my apologies to anyone who tries to find it there. Hopefully they'll restock. They also have placemats in the same pattern.

We picked up a few of these moose wine gift bags and a couple rolls of wrapping paper. Even though I keep trying to get away from wrapping paper, I like to have good patterns on hand.

My love of Ikea fabric is pretty well documented ...
first visit to Ikea fabric section
Ikea tablecloth 1
Ikea tablecloth 2
Ikea tablecloth 3

To be fair, it is pretty amazing fabric. The fact that it's starting to take over my credenza storage space is going to become an issue at some point.


  1. Oh, the red and white would be a perfect Christmas tablecloth! I may have to check our
    IKEA this week.

  2. i love that red and white. i didn't stop to look at the fabric when we were there but the wrapping paper did win my heart (even though i'm usually a brown-paper-and-twine kinda gal).

  3. "so my apologies to anyone who tries to find it there"

    You are too effing cute.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DASHING D. and Merry, Merry Almost-Christmas to YOU, beautiful, talented, kind and always-amusing Rache. Can you feel the Rachel-Appreciation emanating from India to SoCal? I sure hope so.

    hugs and loves. xo

  4. i am in love with ikea, for christmas and year round. i'm planning to buy some of their black&white flowered fabric to re-cover our kitchen chairs, mainly because it is so heavy (and delightfully beautiful of course!)

  5. holy cats, that ikea in tustin is the only one in orange county?!

  6. Have to love IKEA
    Just a note to let you know your blog has been linked as one of my top blogs.

  7. you took all the red from the OC Ikea?!? Why don't you stay in your own neck of the woods LA girl! We don't have much to be proud of here in the OC, the least you could do is not take stuff from our turf! haha just kidding :)

  8. Yes! I got the same wrapping paper (plus silver and a plaid one!). Love Ikea at Christmas.

  9. I completely agree about their fabric...I love it! I have to avoid the section of the store a lot of the time because I wind up buy fabric that I don't need, simply because it's pretty.

  10. So lovely and traditionally Scandinavian! My parents would flip for this. :) I'll have to go to the Covina one instead then since you cleaned out the OC! ;D

  11. haha poor Ikea Orange County. This fabric is great! And now I'm going to stock up on their adorable wine bags...

  12. @ kelly - that's what i thought! the red is for my mom's christmas table, the blue will be for mine (and for year round too).

    @ lauren - apparently! doesn't that seem odd? supply and demand wise?

    @ four flights and trude - i know! i'm terrible, right? although there were only 4 yards left, so i didn't go too crazy. sorry about that! they still do have plenty of gray, but it isn't quite as lovely.

  13. nice finds! i've never had the patience to try and find help at an ikea so i've never come home with any fabric.

  14. oooh nice one! it's been a while now that i have been looking for a tablecloth... i think i know where to search!!!

    thanks for the tip!

  15. why oh why can't there me an ikea closer to me!

  16. mm yes i had an ikea fabric run last month myself. i made our tree skirt with some of it. such great patterns.

  17. I've looked and not been able to get hold of this at our 2 nearest Ikeas here in the UK! No fair!

  18. My local store was out of the red in early November! I was so disappointed!

  19. I love love love the pattern with the red moose!


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