Monday, December 6, 2010

The weekend, briefly

The light was lovely this weekend, as it is right before it rains. The downpour held off until Sunday evening, which was perfect, really. Very cozy. I packaged up orders and we trimmed the tree and I tried to soak it all in, this final weekend before the holiday madness gets started. Seriously. The calender is booked every Saturday and Sunday for the rest of the month, to say nothing of midweek happy hours. I love it, but it takes a bit of mental preparation.

disco ball ornament
{disco ball ornament}


tree, trimmed
{tree, trimmed}

cheesecake, eaten
{cheesecake, eaten}


leeks, waiting
{leeks, waiting}


  1. I love the photo of the tree - a certain rapture just seems implied. I'm glad the weekend was lovely!

  2. how do you get so booked? every year i hear you say you are booked solid and i wish i could give you a day of rest! maybe you need to schedule some me/down time in there?

  3. @ Julia - We have really big families and lots of traditions, which means multiple family parties and get togethers. I compound it because my group of girlfriends has a couple of parties as well. And to add to the insanity we have several birthdays in the immediate family and my close group of friends during December and we never want anyone to feel like their birthday got ignored because of the timing.

    I know. It's crazy. But I really do love it. I always think about cutting back but can never think of anything I'm willing to skip. So I just do lots of preplanning and make sure that I'm relaxing during the little moments at home.

  4. What are you making with your leeks? I love potatoe leek soup, but have never used leeks in any other dish.

  5. hi there! i've never commented on your blog before, but i've been reading it for a little while now... i think you're soo creative and i just love your photos. your tree looks great!!

  6. That's what my schedule is like too. Actually it's been this same kind of momentum for about 3 months now. I took the last two weekends off, canceling any social engagements, in order to get some time for myself and to feel more organized. My question is not, how do you get so booked, but, how does anyone not get that booked during this time of the year?

    That cute little pink and white bear on the tree is adorable! Where did you get it?

  7. We're going to get our tree tomorrow and I can't wait! yours looks gorgeous.

  8. @Rachel what do you wear to all these parties? do you have all your sparkly outfits planned in advance??

  9. @ esb - might need your help in that department. good with the food planning, not so good with the clothing planning. would like a black silk dress + a sparkly shrug as a go to. so far no luck. boo.

  10. Your tree looks gorgeous and that photo of the half eaten cheesecake? Awesome in every sense of the word! Great photos as always. Hope you enjoyed your restorative weekend!

  11. cannot wait to see you soon! <3

  12. your christmas tree is lovely, but i think i like the glow it gives off even more.

  13. i love your weekend roundups, rachel. they seem to capture so calmly the insanity that i have no doubt actually takes place. (that is, if you're anything like me and go-go-go for much of the weekend...)

  14. I just recently discovered leeks and I'm obsessed with them! They made every dish so much more flavorful. Lovely weekend :) xo


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