Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, D!

It is Dustin's birthday and it's one of those years where it just doesn't come together. We had a crazy weekend (hence the lack of a recap yet - we got home too late for me to get photos uploaded). He has to work late today, we have other plans most nights this week, we haven't done laundry in way too long, we're low on groceries and I haven't even thought about getting a birthday dessert lined up.

So, in lieu of any official celebration, I swear I will stop at the store and pick up a dessert, quarters, and also eggs, so we can resume eating breakfast like normal people. And then I will do at least one load of laundry, even though I can last longer in the laundry siege and I have a bad relationship with our washer, which frequently breaks down when I use it. I will wait and not watch the Dexter finale until you are around, even though I'm dying. Oh, and if you make it home in time, I will totally spring for dinner. Anywhere you want, and I promise I won't wear sweats.

birthday cake
{photo of a dessert that i did not bake}

Please note that sometimes I manage to do a good job on birthdays - witness the gift selection from 2008 and the birthday brunch from 2009.  It's hit or miss around here.


  1. i'm with ya-- thanks for the honesty!
    happy birthday to dustin!

  2. Don't feel too bad... last year on my birthday I had to work a 12 hour day... my boyfriend and my friends surprised me the next weekend with a big dinner and said they had officially voted to reschedule my bday. It was sweet :) Days are just an arbitrary way to measure time anyway...

  3. december birthdays are the coolest.

    he will understand.

  4. aw happy birthday, d! and i'm sure your laundry effort will be much appreciated. as will the eggs and your promise for a dinner out.


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