Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The weekend, briefly

It was a weekend jam packed with good things and way too much food.

Kristin's beautiful baby shower, expertly organized by Angel.

kris's baby shower - peonies

kris's baby shower - desserts

kris's baby shower - cake in a jar
{cake in a jar}

The craziness that is the annual family gingerbread house party. It was a particularly good one this year, I think. D used golden grahams to make a shingled roof. I managed to snap a photo of Circe that is only semi blurry. I tried to get one of her beloved new friend, but he's one of those puppies that's like quicksilver. Hard to catch on camera.

gb 2010 d frosting
{gb 2010, d frosting}

gb 2010 circe
{gb 2010, circe}

gb 2010 snowy
{gb 2010, snowy}

gb 2010 reindeer candles
{gb 2010, reindeer candles}

There was more - birthday pumpkin pies for my dad and D, a sunset that was so amazing that I nearly crashed the car driving home, a quick, late night trip to Ikea.


  1. your weekend looks beautiful, as per usual. and those mini pumpkin caramel cheesecakes with gingerbread crusts are brilliant.

  2. so wonderful to be surrounded by good friends this weekend! please tell D I said happy bday!

  3. oooh i love your family gingerbread houses...always totally fantastic!

  4. i love your gingerbread parties.

    did you make that little caramel sign? what kind of pen did you use?

  5. those jars filled with cake are simply too cute. such a simple concept, but executed perfectly.

  6. @ jamie - totally wish i could take credit for the signs (and the rest of the shower!) but it was all Angel - i just had to show up! i'll ask her what pen she used (or she might chime in on the comments if she sees them) and report back.

  7. Your weekends looks lovely! Those pink peony arrangements are gorgeous. I'm glad the gingerbread party was a success! Golden Grahams for a roof is an ingenious idea.

  8. those flower arrangements are gorgeous!

  9. Question: did the cake have frosting on it, or on the side? I have made cake in a jar before, and put frosting on the side, but that display looks so much nicer than mine =) I am throwing a shower in a few months and would love to steal this idea!

  10. Wow that baby shower looks lovely! And I love the gingerbread house. Sounds like an awesome family tradition (that I may have to steal...). :)

  11. What a gorgeous shower! And I always love seeing the gingerbread party photos. Golden Grahams for shingles = genius.

  12. i always call this blog "breath of fresh air" because i sigh when i read it. just lovely.

  13. This all looks so fun... wish my friends and I had time to organize a gingerbread house decorating party, then it would really feel like the holidays :)

  14. @ Kate - the cake in a jar was a layer of frosting, a layer of cake, a layer of lemon curd + a raspberry and I think there may have been another layer of cake on top, but i'm not sure. i didn't make them, but i think having the frosting inside would be easier and the presentation is beautiful and streamlined. we had leftovers and people could just pop them in their purses and take them home for later.

  15. @jamie - hello and thank you for your sweet words! the pen i used was a uniball signo, picked up from my local paper source. you can find them at your local craft store or even an office supply store if you're lucky. :) i go through them quickly, though! i used 2 pens up making all the signage for this one shower!

    @kate - rachel is right.. the frosting was inside! :)

    rachel ~ loved seeing you saturday! hope to see you again very soon!! <3 (and your gingerbread house tradition is amazing... love seeing the pics each year!)

  16. gingerbread house making season!!! love the photos!!

    finally hatachi
    finally hatachi

  17. cake in a jar=ridiculously yummy!!

    love the peonies, my fave.
    and those dogs!

  18. amazing pictures!

    check out my holiday gift guide pt. 1 and tell me what you think


    (to those of you who haven't visited yet, please follow my blog if you like any of my posts. thanks!)

  19. such stunning photos. the cake in the jars are to die for and i love your family gingerbread house parties!! too sweet!!


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