Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday flowers

Picked this up at TJs, loving the mishmash of textures and colors.

fall flowers
{fall flowers}

I usually end up pulling out a lot of the greenery, but I liked the dark green of the leaves against the peaches and yellows.

mixed bouquet for fall
{mixed bouquet for fall}

I'll be doing lots of Thanksgiving planning this weekend, nailing down timing and picking out side dishes. I love a good cooking schedule - everything gets an assigned time slot in the oven and the schedule gets posted in the kitchen the day before. Huge meals are all about the game plan.


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  2. My OCD and I love you and your schedules.

  3. Beautiful arrangement!

    Have a stellar weekend Rachel!

  4. Ooo, let us know what side dishes you decide on! I'm struggling to figure out a dish to bring to a family get-together on Thanksgiving.

  5. do you know how much i love that you are such a dork for organization?


  6. The flowers are lovely! As a beginning-to-be-a-longtime reader, I can't wait to see what kinds of treats you bring to your Thanksgiving celebration. Also, as one who is desperately trying to start testing her abilities in the kitchen, I wanted to say thanks for all the meal inspirations!

  7. lovely flowers and happy planning!

  8. a beautiful and unique little bouquet.

    i too am hashing out my cooking schedule for thanksgiving this weekend. i kind of love it too :)

  9. I love those beautiful fall flowers, and I love how you plan, prep and organize your holidays! Have a great weekend!

  10. I'm doing the same planning this weekend!
    Hope yours is wonderful.

  11. i agree about timing...especially this year when we are serving later rather than early afternoon.

    gorgeous flowers

  12. Beautiful flowers! Goodluck with the thanksgiving planning! :)



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