Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The weekend, briefly

The weekend was long and full. Lots of cooking and baking, two family birthday parties, and four loads of laundry on Monday afternoon.

stenciled birthday card
{attempt at a stenciled sparkler card - didn't work}

lemon cake + lemon pie
{lemon cake + lemon pie}

{baxter* - foster pup}

green tomatoes
{green tomatoes}

shiner bock
{shiner bock}

morning glory sparklers
{morning glory sparklers}

*Baxter is an almost unbelievably adorable lab-rottweiler mix around a year old. He has a congenital hip disorder, and he recently had surgery to fix it, so he's recovering at my parents' home. He'll eventually need a permanent home, so if anyone in the general SoCal area is looking for a pup, feel free to email me. The whole family has fallen for him and his huge head, but we'd be thrilled if we could place him in a good home. 


  1. those lemon desserts look insane, but i must say...Baxter takes the cake. could he be any cuter/sweeter looking?

  2. aww Baxter is adorable! wish we lived closer - i would definitely take him home!
    and thanks a lot for making me really really want lemon pie right now. Is it acceptable to have such a thing for breakfast??

    The Framed Frog theframedfrog.etsy.com
    Temporary Insanity jfrogster.blogspot.com

  3. Baxter is so adorable!! And those pies - mmmmm

  4. Those desserts look delicious!

  5. I don't live anywhere near California (Southeastern PA) but if I did, I'd scoop him up in a second.

  6. Oh, what I wouldn't give to bring Baxter home to my place! Sadly, Sweden is a bit far...

  7. "morning glory sparklers"? what a beautiful name for a thing

  8. Shiner! I didn't know they sold in California.

    Baxter is adorable.

  9. what an adorable dog! (sigh)

    and those desserts look amazing. recipes?

  10. Glad to know I wasn't the only one doing multiple loads of laundry on Monday afternoon!
    Baxter is ADORABLE. Hope he finds a good home!

  11. baxter looks like he'd make anyone's life happier. longing for the day when i can handle dog ownership without worrying about them having enough space to play.


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