Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vacation idea # 763

Renting a historic cottage at Crystal Cove. D's family had one over the weekend and I had forgotten what an amazing place it is. You have to reserve 7 months in advance, on the first of the month and competition is fierce. Prices are so good it's worth trying until you get one.

crystal cove
{crystal cove}

The beach in summer is not really my scene (crowds of people + children shrieking + sand in everything + people dressed in things they shouldn't be wearing) but we're thinking we might try for a winter weekend. Long chilly walks, lots of coffee and piles of books. No internet or TV, so you have to shut off.

The cove was essentially a private beach until fairly recently (you can read all about the history here). The cottages were built between 1917 and 1979 and there are some fabulous black and white pictures that I would have loved to share with you. Sadly, they all appear to be in a private collection and are completely unavailable online. If you're persistent, you can check out the book here and then use the "search inside" feature to look at the pictures.


  1. ohhhh, fun...a place to be completely away. perfect.

  2. sounds absolutely perfect and i'm totally with you on beach time. i prefer going with hot chocolate on a winter day and bundling up.

  3. Ahhh! How delightful. I love the history of places. It makes them come alive.

  4. We've been talking about doing this for years with my family! but no one ever remembers to sign up in January when they're available for summer.

    so pretty, that stretch of orange county coast.

  5. That looks like a pretty cool place!! I'm with you - the winter months would be awesome there! xxoo :)

  6. So true about the "people dressed in things they shouldn't be wearing." I feel that way about summer in general. I, too, like beaches in cold weather.


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