Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday flowers, minus the flowers

Flowers didn't appeal to me this week. I looked (twice) and nothing grabbed me. Luckily, our herb garden needed a bit of pruning, so I stuck a few sprigs in one of my thrift store jars.

rosemary, glass
{rosemary, glass}

Rosemary, basil, sage and mint - some of my favorites. Greenery can be a nice refresher, a palate cleanser between the showier flowers.

greens, glass
{greens, glass}


  1. With summer in full bloom. It is nice just to see GREEN everywhere!

  2. see, this is what i should have done with the four thousand pounds of basil that arrived in our CSA box this week.

  3. I wish my herbs had actually grown! I'll have to try again. (They all just died or got scorched by the sun.)

    PS - Poached an egg for breakfast again this morning. You've got me hooked!

  4. You've got some mad thrifting skills.

  5. You are so right about greenery. It is under appreciated, for sure. Happy weekend, friend.

  6. Aww how cute is this!! I dig it ;)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend Love!

  7. wow this is gorgeous. such simple and beautiful inspiration!

  8. Love this! Have a great weekend Rachel!

  9. Love it. Love your blog. Love everything.


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