Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The weekend, briefly

We rounded off the end of May with one last family birthday celebration. It was a wee bit windy but we managed to let the birthday girl blow out the candles.

candles + wind
{candles + wind}

I spent some time enjoying our balcony, and the weather cooperated beautifully.

balcony garden
{balcony garden}

D's tomato plants seem very happy (I take care of / neglect the herbs and he is in charge of the tomatoes) and they have that fabulous sharp green tomato leaf smell. You know what I mean. It's truly indescribable, but it's the essence of summer.

tomato plant, thriving
{tomato plant, thriving}

I enjoyed a "milkshake". I wouldn't even put it in quotes but I get mercilessly mocked otherwise. It's milk + a frozen banana + one scoop of protein powder, pulsed in a blender until it's nice and creamy. I swear it qualifies as a milkshake, D has (bravely) tried it and assured me that it doesn't fool him for an instant. Regardless, I love it.

"milkshake" + zucchini muffin
{"milkshake" + zucchini muffin}

Not pictured: driving in memorial day weekend traffic (boo), Flight of the Conchords at the Hollywood Bowl (awesome), dinner with friends (delicious), strategic shopping trips (neutral). 


  1. The pictures are beautiful and how lucky seeing Flight of the Conchords.

  2. sounds like a good weekend, and sorry, i agree - a milkshake only qualifies if ice cream is involved. :) love the photos - they're beautiful

  3. so glad that we were able to enjoy memorial day together!

  4. i'm with you, rachel - that's a milkshake, and a tasty-sounding one at that (my favorite is cranberry juice, a scoop of plain yogurt, and frozen strawberries and blueberries; let the naysayers say what they like).

    i love seeing D's tomatoes, as well - i just planted ours (late, i know) and have my fingers crossed!

  5. If there's milk and there was shaking (or blending), it counts. And it sounds delicious. Your weekend looks like it was a fun one:)

  6. Ooh! We saw the conchords too, when they were in berkeley on friday! how amazing are they live? did they do the muffin story? had me in stitches!

    sounds like a fabulous holiday weekend :)

  7. oooh i love that tomato leaf smell too! and flight of the conchords...sigh. so fun!

  8. Totally a milkshake to me. Frozen banana can make just about any smoothie taste like heaven.

  9. I haven't been to the Hollywood Bowl yet, sounds like fun. And I love tomatoes!

  10. i saw the conchords at the bowl too!! my cheeks still hurt from smiling so much during that show!!

  11. Me too! I was also at the Conchords show. Soooo much fun.

  12. you saw FOC?! never been more jealous of anyone!!!

    also, how beautiful is that birthday girl?

  13. sounds like you had a great weekend! Just found your blog, great post!

    D E G A I N E


  14. Flight of the Conchords live? Oh I am so jealous!!! Happy Tuesday!

  15. I had banana milkshakes all the time as a kid! It was one of my dad's special treats for us. Sometimes he would throw in peanut butter - yum!

  16. you guys are cuh-crazy. that is just, like, a dairy smoothie. which is fine, but lets call a ___ a ___(whats that saying?).

    that deck sure looks like a nice place for spending time.

    (and about 8 or so years ago, when those guys were just a couple dudes from new zealand fresh off the plane describing themselves as a cross between beck and tenacious d, me and my childhood bestie met them at a dance club in vegas [we were home for thanksgiving] and hung out with em till morning. she called me freaking out when she saw them on hbo, but ben and i could never get into the show?)

  17. Happy Birthday Little One!

    (I think your banana smoothie definitely classifies in the milkshake category ;) )

  18. The photo of the birthday scene is beautiful! The colors, the composition, the expression on the birthday girl's face, and the gestures of all the hands cooperating to light and keep lit the candles are all just perfect. I'm glad it was a happy birthday!

  19. Photos are great! Sounds like a fun and activity filled weekend.
    The Beso Team

  20. I love that first birthday photo, it's beautiful and the cake looks good too!


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