Friday, November 21, 2014

Coming soon!

I really, really wanted to get a breakdown on Thanksgiving scheduling up today, but it's taking longer than anticipated to write it. I'm going to get it up early next week, promise. Hopefully it will be helpful.

persimmons and crocheted lace

In the meantime, there are lots of other Thanksgiving posts. I think it's obvious that it's my favorite holiday.

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Printable napkin rings
Leaf garland template

Cranberry margaritas


  1. Looking forward to seeing how you schedule your special meal! And on a completely unrelated note: how do you keep your stovetop so clean? Mine is a mess even though I do clean it often and with scouring powder....

  2. I wipe it down with a vinegar based cleaner every couple days, trying to catch it while the stove it still a little hot, since it seems to work better. When it gets too grungy for the natural stuff I use some 409. I might just be lucky on the material of the stovetop? This one cleans pretty easily.

  3. I really love your style. Just sent off my Thanksgiving plan to my kids, which is your recipe breakdown, telling them we can delegate by phase, i.e. T-4 hours, T-2 hours, T-30 minutes, etc., or by recipe owner:). And I love the look of your table. It feels very familiar. I do not know if you come my little subculture, but your aesthetic is very like ours.

    1. Thanks, Lisa! Oddly enough, I think my background is very far removed from yours (so cal born and bred, so little exposure to WASP culture that I don't even recognize the markings!) but I do have a deep affection for family heirlooms. Or faux-looms, as the case may be. Both the candlesticks and the lace tablecloth are very similar to the ones I grew up with, but they both come from thrift stores. On the hunt for a set of vintage silverware now!

  4. I am making this for our Thanksgiving after seeing you post so many fun cocktail for gatherings over the years.
    BTW, I commented on your yearly post a while back but it was on my phone and I never went back to see if it really posted. I think of you this time every year and am proud of you for taking some time to do the things you need to do. Have a great holiday friend.

    1. Awwww ... thank you, Danielle! I'm just glad I can keep up with you on instagram.

      That looks so, so good!

  5. I enjoy reading your posts. Looking forward to the thanksgiving one!


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