Friday, November 28, 2014

Chicken (or turkey) enchilada soup

In my quest for crock pot meals, this soup is reigning supreme so far. I made it three times in one month, which is pretty heavy rotation even for me.

chicken enchilada soup
{chicken enchilada soup}

The recipe is right here and it works perfectly as is. I have a few small tweaks - I use bone in chicken pieces and just pull the bones out and roughly chop the meat before serving. Bone in is less expensive and it really isn't that much work. I also use the frozen fire roasted corn from Trader Joe's instead of the canned stuff. If you want the soup to be a bit thicker, you can cut a few corn tortillas into strips and toss them in at the beginning. They'll disappear but provide a little more body to the soup.

This is also how I used up the leftover turkey from Friendsgiving. I always make turkey stock from the bones, so I had that on hand. Since the cooked turkey didn't require a long cooking time, I modified it to be a stove top meal by sauteing the onion and garlic in a large pot and then adding all the ingredients except the turkey and simmering for about 30 minutes. I tossed the chopped, cooked turkey in during the last 10 minutes.


  1. yum, i will totally make this! i've been craving enchiladas, so i sought out an enchilada sauce that doesn't have a ton of weird ingredients. at sprouts i found frontera brand (comes in a bag not a can) and it is pretty legit. only like 6 ingredients instead of 50. i will also use bone-in chicken like you because then you're getting all the good minerals and nutrients from the bones. this will hopefully cure my craving since i can't have tortillas. xoxo

    1. I love the Frontera brand, although I haven't tried it in this soup! I definitely want to make my own enchilada sauce, using the recipe she links to in the soup recipe, but I haven't gotten there yet.

      Also, made the soup with homemade stock last week and it was even better (not surprising, but I was a little shocked at how much more amazing it made it, given that I already liked it with boxed broth).

  2. I make a very similar soup, and add 1 T of tomato paste to thicken it (I just estimate, and squeeze from the tube).

    FYI, this is my absolute favorite slow cooker recipe - I don't eat pork so use turkey bacon, and serve it w. red mashed potatoes - SO GOOD:

  3. Oooh - thanks! I'll print that out for my binder.


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