Thursday, November 20, 2014

Afternoon snack

Every single day for the last several weeks. 

afternoon snack

1 oz cheese + 5 crackers + 1/2 apple. Although it's usually packed in a to go container. 

I used to convince myself that my afternoon snack should be super healthy, like carrot sticks, even though all I really want in the afternoon (always, really) is cheese and crackers. 

I try to avoid eating wheat on a daily basis because too much of it makes my joints swell like crazy. If we have pasta and bread for dinner, I'm resigned to the fact that I'll wake up with "pasta knuckles" the next morning. I choose to work around this because I'm not interested in giving up gluten. So we don't keep bread in the house on a regular basis anymore and I try to keep my pasta intake low(ish) even though I'm in no way gluten-free.

But I've decided that 5 little crackers a day aren't going to kill me and it's been lovely. I'll admit that the first time I brought home a box I ended up eating half of it on the bus, but I blame that on terrible traffic combined with post work hunger. Now that I have them around all the time I don't have an issue sticking to my small serving each day and my joints seem fine, knock on wood.

Speaking of cheese (we were, weren't we?) - am I the only one who gets excited for the holidays in large part because of the cheese platters? Trader Joe's caramelized onion cheddar, I am coming for you. 


  1. I adapted this recipe to be a giant cheese ball, and while it's great with crackers, it also makes for a great leftover salad topping (just add a bit of oil/vinegar to moisten the leaves, and wow, delicious)

  2. I'm usually a big fan of the TJ's holiday cheese selection, so when I was offered up a sample of the new one, I said yes and popped it in my mouth, no questions asked. UGH. cinnamon dusted cheddar is a thing that should NEVER happen.

    1. Ugh, that sounds terrible! Why would they make that?!

  3. TJ's usually has a mushroom brie that is to die for. My family can't get enough of it. Have you tried the nut thins instead of crackers? I believe they're made by blue diamond, and can be found at any major grocery store. We have a lot of family members who are GF, and these crackers are surprisingly good. My favorite is the sesame kind. Though I still definitely partake of my beloved wheat thins, these are a nice thing to have around.

  4. That caramelized onion cheddar is heaven, wrapped in cellophane. Also, their honey chevre *droooooool*

  5. Oh my. That looks divine. My biggest problem is that I have huge intolerances including unfortunately, lactose. This means all of those lovely yummy cheeses that I would consume every Christmas is no more - being that I was diagnosed six months ago and the slightest piece of cheese that isn't 'April friendly' causes extreme pain and sickness. So...I envy you in a big way. But at least I'm not allergic to wine - that would be a huge travesty. It all looks super lovely! Keep the posts coming. I'm loving it!

  6. What are your favorite crackers?
    Lately, we like the Kirkland asiago at Costco for cheese.


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