Thursday, May 17, 2012

Flags, for lots of things (template provided)

I wanted little tags for our mother's day flower arrangements because each one was created with a particular mother in mind. Of course, I didn't think about this until 15 minutes before we had to leave and I had to scramble.

mother's day flowers
{mother's day flowers}


flower flag
{flower flag}

Look familiar at all? I re-purposed the file that we used for our wedding dessert buffet flags. Then I printed them out on cardstock and quickly glued them around some bamboo skewers* and popped them in the vases.

I love having a file on hand that I can pull out in a pinch. I always work in Illustrator, but I know that not everyone has it, so I modified the file to make a fillable PDF template. You can use it anytime you need quick tags - weddings, flowers, cheese parties (I'm not sure why that popped into my mind as an example, but I would gladly attend a cheese party, if you happen to throw one).

You can download my template right here. You must download the file to work with it on your computer - if you open it in Google docs you won't be able to use the fillable form function. I've embedded the font that we used in all our wedding designs (Tw Cent MT) and I think it looks best in all caps, but you can play around with it. There are several different sizes, for all your flagging needs.

* My bamboo skewers weren't tall enough to stick out over the flowers so I used two, overlapped them slightly in the middle and them taped them together with packing tape. The ugly part was hidden by the flowers, so it all worked out fine.


  1. I think these would be perfect for a mini herb garden (apartment styles). Thanks for the template!

  2. These are beautiful! Such a good idea!

  3. wow these florals are so beautiful! great idea! what types of floral binding do you use to bundle your flowers together? or do you use one of those foam floral sponges?

    1. Thanks! For these arrangements I didn't use any binding. I dislike working with floral foam most of the time, so I avoid it. I just start with the largest flowers and then work on down to the filler, adding and moving them as I go. It can be time consuming (I think it took me nearly an hour to do these four large arrangements) but I enjoy it!

      To make the arranging faster I'll sometimes use metal flower frogs like this one. I have several that I bought at the Japanese market but you can get them lots of places. They're wonderful, but if I put them in gifted arrangements then it's a pain for the receiver to try to remember to give it back later.

    2. The flower frogs is pretty cool. I've never seen one before but i might just give it a go....that seems a lot easier than how i bundle my flowers. But i think this arrangement will look awesome in a stylish garden party ( and if you do end up doing a garden party, definitely keep us posted!

  4. So cute! I've downloaded the template and I kinda want to now name all my houseplants just so I have an immediate excuse to use them :)

  5. thank you! i know i will use this a ton!

  6. These are just so adorable. I know I will definitely use these for upcoming events, so thank you for sharing! They are so cute! x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  7. Aw, well that's pretty stinkin' cute and clever!


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