Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The weekend, briefly


seascape strawberries from harry's berries
{seascape strawberries}

cleaning up

flowers, waiting
{flowers, waiting}

girls' dinner
{girls' dinner}

mother's day
{mother's day}

of course
{of course}

the rattler
{the rattler}


:: weekend notes ::

We hit up the farmer's market early to get the best pick of mother's day flowers and came home with paper wrapped bundles, the most expensive strawberries I've ever had and a bag of very good dates.

I had a rock climbing, mexican food, dive bar session with my girls from high school, celebrating the upcoming wedding of one of our ladies.

Our families celebrated mother's day together again with a big brunch. Waffles with piles of fresh berries, mimosas and rattlers.

We had out of town friends over Sunday evening and I scrounged up some appetizers from our understocked fridge. Luckily we always have some cheese (I can't say the same for crackers - we just got lucky this time), nuts and dried fruit. Then we headed out for burgers at the newish Plan Check (ridiculously good) and came home to a cuban pastry and a cookie the size of my head. I woke up Monday morning with a food hangover.


  1. Sounds like a marvelous weekend. Love the flower arrangements that you do.

  2. love those strawbs all lined up. and isn't it incredible what the presentation does to a little bit of cheese and crackers scrounged at the last minute? delightful.

    1. Yes, so grateful for our serving pieces! They make everything seem more civilized.

  3. Sounds splendid! I've always wanted to try rock climbing :)

  4. Everything looks so beautiful! Those flowers! and strawberries! Looks like a lovely weekend!

  5. It looks and sounds to me like you had quite the lovely weekend! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Sounds like a lovely weekend! All of these photos just scream summer to me.. that cocktail looks so refreshing and yummy, and those flower arrangements are gorgeous! xo

  7. It looks like a lovely spring weekend. I've never had a rattler. I will have to try one soon.


    with love from Mademoiselle Meese

  8. Love all of your pics! You do such a good job summing up your weekend in pictures. Sounds like it was lovely.


  9. Those strawberries look insanely perfect. My son eats a pint a day...he's addicted. As am I.

  10. What great pictures! Those strawberries look so delicious! Love when the Farmer's Markets have summer produce!

  11. Impromptu wine and cheese - the best!

  12. Ooo! Plan Check is right down the street from where I work, I'll have to give it a try. Tried to go to Milo + Olive last Wednesday but the wait was too long!

    1. Bummer about Milo + Olive! They are so packed most of the time. Going for an early bird dinner on the weekend is the only thing that worked for us.

      I *think* plan check tends to be less crazy, but I'm not sure. We were there at 7:30 pm on a Sunday, and just sat right down. But it would be worth a bit of a wait if you love crazy burgers.

  13. I love your weekend posts! They always make me feel happy when I read them because most of the time, I don't get weekends because of work so I will continue to live vicariously through you and your lovely weekends until I finish my university degree. Your weekend posts however, remind me of the little things I used to enjoy on weekends and I can't wait for that again x

    1. You'll get there! I definitely still have lots of weekends that are decidedly un-lovely, but I try to squeeze in at least a few good moments.

  14. Beautiful, refreshing photos!

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  15. I love your floral arrangements! It makes me long to be in a city where I can go to the flower market whenever I wanted! Until then, I'll be holding out for Oklahoma to get on board :)

    Love your blog!


  16. you should try dipping those strawberries in greek yogurt, freeze, then enjoy. WOW am I obsessed with this newfound treat.

  17. love your pictures, thank you that make me inspirated:)

  18. these purple flowers look amazing!


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