Monday, November 14, 2011

The week before the wedding, moments

There was some family time, some alone time (and then together time!) in the kitchen, craft projects to finish, an impromptu night out with my ladies and time with our beloved out of town friends who served as our officiant and witness.

succulents, short and stout
{succulents, short and stout}

wedding cookie baking
{wedding cookie baking}

napkins packed
{napkins packed}

instrument of destruction
{instrument of destruction}

girls night
{girls night}

mandatory lunch break
{mandatory lunch break}

My goal all along was to finish everything by Monday evening. Our house guests would arrive on Wednesday, so I would have all day Tuesday to relax and regroup.

Uh, no. Life totally took over.

I realized we were a little behind on Saturday and decided to beg a friend's cleaning lady to come take care of our apartment. Best decision ever. I know that our friends wouldn't judge my unscrubbed bathtub, but it was so nice to have everything cleaned much more thoroughly than I would have done.

I made 12 batches of cookie dough on Monday afternoon and then the weather promptly heated up and I couldn't bear to turn on the oven. I was finally forced to do so (and finagle my officiant into helping me shape cookies) on Thursday when I realized that we'd already printed the dessert menus and it would be a huge pain if I just decided to forget about the cookies altogether. Yes, I realize that people would have been able to figure it out even if the menus were inaccurate, but I couldn't stand that. And it seemed sort of wasteful to just leave my fridge filled up with unused cookie dough.

We were definitely working right up until Thursday evening, although not too frantically, until I gave myself my second horrible glue gun burn of the week. It was disgusting and took a huge chunk of skin off my middle finger. I still had a massive hangover from Wednesday night which I finally realized was probably partially genuine hangover and partially a low level panic attack. At 9 pm we realized we hadn't eaten (or, more importantly, fed our guests) so we took a break and went out for sushi.

I was fairly stressed out on Friday just because there was so much stuff to remember and I was so worried I would forget something. Something clicked after the rehearsal on Friday afternoon and I let go a lot. I mean, I still obsessively decided to hand iron all our painted tablecloths on Friday night, but I at least prioritized and spent the most time on the ones I cared the most about. Progress, right?


  1. haha, progress indeed! everything looks beautiful, and if you had time with loved ones, it all seemed to work out perfectly.

  2. Ah, wedding week. It's such a crazy time. So surreal. But it's great that you were able to let go after the rehearsal!

  3. my anxiety is always so much worse when i have a hangover! thanks for sharing about your anxiety in your posts...always appreciated when these issues are normalized by others :)

  4. Everything looks beautiful!

  5. You sound just like me when I frantically attempt too many projects in one day and end up in a heap on the kitchen floor crying because as I exclaim to my bemused boyfriend 'I'm a perfectionist and it's all just a little too hard'. Of course, that latest episode involved a guest list of 18 for a dinner party, a potato peeler, a bleeding finger and a chunk of skin. Oh, and it was 43 degrees heat (immensely hot for Australia).
    However, in saying that, I'm sure that noone would have noticed the lack of biscuits, the tablecloths would probably have been perfect without the frantic Friday iron and your house guests would have forgiven you! You made me smile and laugh out loud Rachel. Because, well without us perfectionists in the world, where would we be? x

  6. I'm glad you had some fun time slipped into all the last minute projects.

    Next time you have a hot glue gun project going, make sure you have some lavender oil around. Cara (Peonies & Polaroids) clued me in on that one after I burned blisters onto my fingers with a hot pot. A little lavender oil on the burn (+ some aloe gel) helped it stop burning pretty quickly & heal in no time.

  7. Planning a wedding is hard. your wedding looks quiet cozy.

  8. @ Kristy - duly noted! i burn myself more often than anyone i know (maybe because i tend to be impatient?) so i could really use this.

    @ Axela - thanks for sharing, dear! i still have a hard time being really open about my anxiety, but i'm working on it (being open AND getting it under control).


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