Monday, November 14, 2011


Okay, now that the wedding is up and you can see everything, we're ready to clear it out of our apartment.

I've listed a bunch of it over on the 100 Layer Cake Marketplace (such a great resource). If you're getting married soon and possibly need anything, check it out. And feel free to ask me any questions you might have. I'm basically selling everything for materials costs + a little bit of labor added in. Nothing like what these projects would cost if they were commissioned, but if you'd prefer to save money and make them yourself, stay tuned for the tutorials all week.

Streamer backdrops. These were used in the ceremony space and behind the dessert table and I think they gave us the biggest bang for our buck, impact wise.

Hand dyed napkins. 132 are left - they've all been washed well and I've weeded through them to make sure that there aren't any stains.

My beloved paper flowers. There are lots of little arrangements that we used for the dining tables, as well as a few large show stoppers and the cocktail table centerpieces. Some of these have spaces in them for the vases we used.

The painted tablecloths we made for our accent tables. We have several sizes and patterns.

The painted picture frames. We had two large ones that we used for the dessert menu and the seating chart and some smaller ones that we used for bar menus and signage. I love the large ones in particular, because we had to do some hunting to find ones that were slightly ornate and they look gorgeous painted.

Our kraft paper table numbers. We have 1 - 21, I have no idea what happened to 22.

Loads of glass cylinders that we used all over our venue + lots of candles in straight sided glass cylinders. We were so lucky with these - we found an event planner on CL that was retiring, so we got a great deal on these vases and we're looking forward to passing that savings along. Cheaper than wholesale, guys!

A lot of these items are either heavy or bulky, so they won't necessarily ship well. I'm happy to look into shipping for you, but in several cases it would make the items prohibitively expensive. I can arrange for pick up in either LA or OC.


  1. so many gorgeous pieces. i love the paper flowers :)

  2. i still cannot get over how gorgeous the paper flowers are! would love a tutorial at some point if you're willing to share! :)

  3. Thanks, anon! The tutorial is coming! I'll have it posted here either Wednesday or Thursday, so stay tuned.

  4. What a beautiful wedding! All the beautiful colors made me smile.

    Have a wonderful life together!

  5. sweet decorations! I commend your DIY hard work. looks amazing. and what a good idea this is to recycle wedding decor ! genius

  6. Found your blog via 100 Layer Cake, thank you so much for sharing all these tutorials! Your wedding, generosity and creativity is inspirational! x

  7. Hello. I LOVE your wedding! I'm so curious about the font that you used for your signs and menus. Can you tell me?

    1. Thanks, Heather! The font is Twen Cen MT. We used a couple variations (bold and italic) for emphasis, but it was the same font throughout.


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