Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The weekend, briefly

toast + coffee
{toast + coffee}

welcome committee
{welcome committee}

snowy, waiting
{snowy, waiting}

saturday drinks
{saturday drinks}

evening fog
{evening fog}

pie for breakfast
{pie for breakfast}

wedding photos!
{wedding photos!}


sunday drinks
{sunday drinks}

fall grilling
{fall grilling}

fall on the patio
{fall on the patio}

Weekend notes:

:: I'm still off caffeine on a day to day basis, but I've been allowing myself the occasional cup of coffee or tea as a treat every few weeks. So far, so good. This particular cup had real cream in it and was served in our wedding china. And yes, we always eat toast directly off the counter. I guess we could start using plates.

:: Our wedding photos arrived (!) so you can expect to see more on that in the next few weeks. There are plans.

:: Since we sort of missed summer this year, we're eking out every bit we can, grilling every Sunday. Those are the same drinks we had last week, but shaken oh so professionally and with a bit of rosemary added. I probably should have noted that we use entirely unsweetened grapefruit juice, and for two drinks I mixed 3/4 of a cup of juice + 1/2 cup habanero tequila. Excellent and not at all sweet.

:: Kind of funny that last weekend started and ended almost exactly the same way as this one. Toast to tequila.


  1. here's to real cream in coffee and to using wedding china just because.

  2. That pie photo is awesome! Wonderful photos = )


  3. Love the two pup pictures and that pie for breakfast shot, it looks deliciously oozy!

  4. I am always impressed when someone can quit or take a break from caffeine....I could only do it for half of my pregnancy and the beginning of breastfeeding. Yay for pie for breakfast!!

  5. I love the pattern on your cup & saucer (in the first picture)!! Where is it from and what pattern is it?

  6. wedding photos!!!!!!

  7. Pie and puppies - doesn't get better!

  8. I think the best approach to caffeine is to not start at all...but that's tricky.

    Your weekend looks so lovely!

  9. I love toast right off the counter, plates are not necessary

  10. Ok so again, I love your photos, I love your welcome committee, and do you live in the LA area? The Fog picture looks like a familiar area to me.

    - Sarah

  11. Still loving that china. So perfect. And wasn't the fog insane Saturday night? Luckily my drive home was all surface streets. :) Can't wait to see more photos!

  12. I am starving for this pie...OMG!

  13. Your whole weekend looks amazing! and yeah that pie looks damn good.

  14. I'm glad you all understand the wisdom of the charcoal chimney! It has revolutionized our grilling life.

  15. I LOVE cakes for breakfast! Best thing you can do after a day of baking :-)
    I´m curiously waiting for your wedding photos!

  16. you got your wedding china - yay! it looks beautiful.

  17. @ Kathleen - It's the Vera Wang gilded weave pattern from Wedgwood.

    @ Sarah - I do live in LA, and the fog photo was actually taken in Santa Monica, near the Promenade!

    @ Kacey - I seriously don't know how anyone grills without a charcoal chimney!

  18. Aw what a cute pup! And pie for breakfast is always a good idea :) Can't wait to see your wedding photos!

  19. How does a charcoal chimney works??
    Do you put the meat in there? I have never seen this before!

    It looks cool though


  20. loving that you didn't just store the wedding china away for guests.

    i also eat toast off the counter. but alternate with plates. depends on the mood.

  21. That pie looks delicious!


  22. Those spoons are adorable! My mother has some. I think they're the cutest things.

  23. I can always toast to tequilla! Oh and I love this 'welcome committee".

  24. I love your wedding china!

    It makes me want to go and sort out my own. We couldn't make a decision before the wedding so have lots of vouchers to spend and still can't totally decide and have to sort out all our current plates and stuff.

    But if I could have such a beautiful cup of coffee maybe i will sort it out.

  25. Is SimplyBloom your wedding photographers?? They're ours and the DVDs of your pics look the same as ours :)


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