Wednesday, October 19, 2011



We were going to be smart and just tuck our wedding checks away into our savings account, but they're meant as gifts, right? So we're finally biting the bullet and getting new cushions for our dearly beloved (but sadly abused) midcentury couch.

We got an amazing deal on our couch and chairs on Craigslist a few years ago. They're beautiful, but the previous owner smoked and had a menagerie of cats. In a desperate attempt to make the cushions less janky, I ran the covers through the washer and dryer*. You can imagine what happened. We managed to stuff the cushions back in, but they bulge oddly and the fabric still isn't totally clean (although the smell was vastly improved). But we've been living with it.

Just looking at fabric swatches was exciting. This is going to be so good. Are we crazy to have a light grey couch? D swears that he's used this material in homes with toddlers before and it's easy to clean.

* In my defense, I knew that the covers were probably going to shrink. My reasoning was that I wanted to replace the covers anyways, so it didn't really matter, especially if it could make them even a little bit more liveable for the short term.


  1. As long as there is some texture to it, you'll be fine! Besides, dirt is basically light gray :) We got a light gray/beige couch, and I was nervous, considering that I eat spaghetti on the couch strangely frequently, but it hasn't been a problem. Just get a furniture cleaning formula that you can keep on hand.

  2. We got a fantastic couch as a wedding gift (from my in-laws). It's pretty much the best thing you can do with *that* much money...better than even saving it.

  3. That fabric looks great. I don't think light grey will be an issue. Just, you know, maybe don't run it through the dryer again. ;)

  4. Gorgeous color and maharam fabrics are great

  5. No you are not mad...I dream of having a grey chesterfield style couch one day in my home. I can dream...

  6. I have a light grey couch and 3 years later its still in pretty good condition! I recommend scotch guarding it and getting a really great stain remover!

  7. How funny! After *thinking* about it for like two months, we finally splurged for a new couch with some of our wedding money.

    We looked everywhere, could not find the right depth, firmness and fabric. Finally found one, and it's definitely more than I've ever spent on a piece of furniture. So naturally, it took me two months of repeat visits and pondering to finally go for it. My husband patiently stood watch over my indecision. ;)

    Anyway, just bit the bullet on Sunday...and we also went with grey. Slightly darker, like a light charcoal, but I love it and can't wait until it arrives! I say go with the grey--it's neutral, but not boring, and surprisingly pairs well with warm and cool tones. At least I think so.

  8. Gray is a good choice. And Maharam is amazing. Almost all of their upholstery fabrics pass over 100,000 double rubs and they are easy to clean. No, I don't work for Maharam..

    Love your blog!

  9. i like at eastsidedride's comment.

    also, if it's kids you're worried about, just KNOW, that at some point they will pee or puke on your furniture. at least a dozen times. we've finally learned to drape a quilt over the sofa while she's on it. it's just a crappy one that i can wash often. i wish we would have considered doing this the day we brought her home. :/

  10. This is going to change your life!!

    Fair warning though: When last year's (highly unskilled) DIY cushion recovery project made my couch a delicious tweedy brown, the living room spent the next 8 months being amped up to match. New pillows. New rug. More better new pillows what match the new rug. New coffee table. Endless.

    Your house is gorgeous, but no room is immune to the upgrade bug. Good luck!


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