Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The weekend, briefly

This weekend I tried to make a dent in the citrus harvest. Being inside an orange canopy is magical, particularly right after a rainfall. It's hard to describe - the ground is loamy from the fallen leaves, the sunlight only comes through in patches, it smells damp and fresh and sweet from the orange blossoms. I wanted to live under here as a child.

orange canopy
{orange canopy}

nosing around
{nosing around}


afternoon snack party
{afternoon snack party}

circe, waiting by the door
{circe, waiting by the door}

bougainvillea, clouds
{bougainvillea, clouds}

I also ate my weight in cookies in lieu of any actual meals on Saturday, drank a margarita that didn't deserve the name, listened to some excellent mariachis and sorted through ten boxes of family Christmas decorations (and dropped five boxes off at the thrift store).


  1. What a lovely and relaxing weekend! Also, I love, love, love getting rid of things - brava on purging through those pieces that can now give someone else enjoyment!

  2. Wait...are those avocados I see? You grow your own? You are one lucky lady. I think if I had unlimited access to avocados I would literally eat them in every meal and snack.

  3. Beautiful photos!!! I would love to spend some time under an orange canopy.

  4. If I could have an orange tree (but I can't, since I live in Toronto... where it is currently snowing) I would make fresh juice everyday!

  5. That orange canopy sounds absolutely heavenly. Oh, to live in California, land of such things as "citrus harvests" and "orange canopies."

  6. What a delightful weekend, and the oranges look yummy!!

  7. christmas decorations have a way of piling up huh?
    i always feel like i find two boxes for every box i get rid of

  8. accomplished yet relaxed. those are usually not found together - way to go :)

  9. @ Hannah - Yep, I'm seriously spoiled. We have an enormous orange tree and two (!) avocado trees, among others. They're left over from when SoCal used to be mostly fruit orchards, so lots of homes have them in Orange County. Although, to be fair, the trees are at my family home, on my parents' property. I live in a little Los Angeles apartment, and there are no fruit trees to be had.

  10. Love the orange tree photos! Spend a lot of time in CA this winter, and now I'm in FL. Love them! Eating your weight in cookies on a Saturday sounds AMAZING!! :)

  11. oooh snack party. i need me one of those.

  12. I definitely miss living in my childhood home for this reason - an apartment just doesn't cut it when you want fresh-picked, home-grown fruits and veggies. I can't wait to own a home.

  13. I'm so jealous of your colorful bounty, as well as your adorable sidekicks. :)

  14. Love your blog, makes me feel nice and warm! I'm your new follower, check out mine and see if you'd like to follow back:



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