Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The weekend, briefly

I'm pretty sure I did more than eat all weekend, but that's all that's showing up on my camera. It was drizzly and quiet. We tried to catch up on sleep.

granola bars, dishes 
{granola bars, dishes}

farmers' market
{farmers' market}
greek nibbling
{greek nibbling}

 salty marg
{salty marg}


The granola bar recipe is from Summer, I've made them before. This time I tried cutting the sugar down by half (but leaving in all the honey) and reducing the butter to one tablespoon. They are still good, but lack the decadence of the original. I'll probably end up making them both ways, depending on how virtuous I feel.

The greek snacks are from our farmers' market. We have several competing stalls selling similar products, but we're currently loyal to Brother's. Previously we were buying from Mother's. The similar names make us suspect a family feud or possibly a copy cat situation. No idea who is original, but Brother's has my beloved gigantes (giant lima beans in tomato sauce) so they win.

The margaritas were accompanied by nachos. Not pictured.


  1. The farmer's market looks so great! I always say I'm going to bring my camera to mine and rarely do!

    Hope you have a lovely week, Rachel!

  2. Despite the poor weather, your weekend appears to be wonderfully relaxing. Lovely photos. xxxxxx

  3. looks just like a weekend should.

  4. your farmers market looks gorgeous! ours is crowded right now, until the warmth comes out and tables get to move outside again!

  5. I love the produce picture. Very colorful =)

    - Sarah

  6. In my house the "greek nibbling" plate would be expanded to 5 times the size. I love greek food!

  7. those gigantes look fantastic. i may have to look for a recipe for them! glad you had a good weekend.

  8. That's a funny story about the names! I'm curious too. That salty marg looks to die for! Especially with nachos.. mmm.

  9. I see nothing wrong with a weekend based completely around food. Especially when the food looks this good...

  10. these pictures make me happy. i especially love how pretty your dishes are! even though they are stacked up in the sink

  11. This looks exactly how a drizzly weekend should!

  12. Yum! I stayed in and baked this weekend too. Also, you inspired me to check out the Union Square Farmer's Market this weekend.
    xoxo Lauren

  13. i wish the market here had more local fresh - those look so yummy. a nibbles meal is my favorite.

  14. looks like a yummy weekend....that my kinda weekend!! :)

  15. your pictures make me swoon. so often we leave out the photos of the mess. thank you for being real. lovely lovely.


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