Thursday, March 24, 2011

The weekend, briefly (and much delayed)

Things have been hectic lately and I tend not to take pictures of hectic. I like quiet moments. Food that sits still for me. A sleepy dog. We've been trying to carve out some of those moments amidst the chaos. Currently, it's a work in progress.

monkey bread!
{monkey bread!}


shauna + pretend puppy
{shauna + pretend puppy}


{bedroom, paintings}

Weekend notes: 

D had never seen monkey bread before this Sunday. I was shocked. I mean, it's monkey bread. Duh. He was officially blown away and I was reminded of just how good it is. I might have to make it sometime soon. Deb has a recipe that looks amazing.

Shauna isn't ours either (this blog is basically a documentation of awesome dogs that aren't mine) - she belongs to my dad and stepmom (Circe and Snowy belong to my mom and stepdad, if you're keeping track). She's part Alaskan Malamute and part Siberian Husky.

Speaking of dogs, we were curled up on the couch last Sunday, listening to the rain lash violently against the windows and I thought of how much I would like to have a little dog curled up with us. And then I remembered that we would have to take the dog out for a walk, in the rain. And then dry it off when we got back in the house. And repeat in the evening. Maybe it's okay that we don't have a dog right now.

Oh, and we are finally, finally trying to figure out where to hang our beloved paintings. We bought them from Lily almost a year ago. Don't worry - they haven't been stuck in a closet somewhere. I had them in my workroom, but they get totally inadequate light in there and I'm the only one who gets to see them. We're thinking of having them in the bedroom, but we're still working on the placement.

And I never, ever make my bed and I've gotten over worrying about other people knowing that. It's so much more inviting for naps this way.


  1. Mmm, there's a great local bakery, here in Little Rock, that makes amazingly ooey-gooey monkey bread. Delicious. Our bed stays unmade all day long, but (for some odd reason) I always make the bed sometime in the early evening, so when it's bedtime, we can pull back the sheets and climb in. Weird, I know. xo.

  2. THAT DOG! (i grew up with a malamute/timberwolf mix. he was *amazing*)


  3. (yeah, i dunno what monkey bread is...)

  4. I have SERIOUSLY missed reading your blog every morning. And I really love that you don't make your bed.

  5. i LOVE naps. you're totally right about not making your bed too - mine has been calling my name all afternoon. thanks for implying out loud that napping is okay - it's one of my guiltiest pleasures.

  6. @ nicole - I do that too! So I guess I do make the bed daily. Just not in the morning. Ha.

    @ jamie - Wait, so does this mean I'm the weirdo, for knowing what monkey bread is? It's a super 1950s ish breakfast buffet type thing. Like baby cinnamon rolls.

    @ olivia rae - Thanks! I've missed being here too.

    @ Meg - Oh, I am totally out about my love of napping. It is my main issue with working a real job which I otherwise love. People would think it was strange if I locked my door for two hours each afternoon (and I would also need to get a bed for my office - currently I have a nice armchair that will suffice for cat naps only if I'm desperate).

  7. I've never heard of monkey bread.

    I also never make my bed, but my boyfriend does. I quite like it when I leave the house to an unmade bed and return to a made bed, it makes the whole room seem calmer to me.

  8. I must have missed it, but I thought for sure Circe was yours!

  9. your photos are lovely...and yes picture taking when hectic just doesn't work! dayle

  10. @ Allison - I like to pretend that Circe is mine. Technically, she's part mine because she's the family dog and I lived with her when she was a puppy (cutest puppy ever, hands down). But I no longer live in the family home, so I just see her when we visit on weekends and holidays.

  11. your puppy is absolutely.adorable.

  12. I like the placement of the paintings! Also, Shauna is BEE-YOO-TEE-FULL.

  13. i really need to be at peace with not making my bed.

  14. I love monkey bread so much someone gave us the monkey bread mold AND the mix from W-S (yes, they make such a thing).

    And Shauna is a stunning dog. (And of course Jamie grew up with a 'mute-TIMBER WOLF cross.)

    And what a wonderful surprise to scroll down and see the PAINTINGS! You and D are so, so adorable to be so earnest about hanging them- I love them akilter just like that. Can't even tell you how much it warms my hear that you have those two pieces. Love and heartses to you guys. xoxo

  15. Haven't heard of monkey bread? Oh, what a deprived life! Monkey bread us a New Years tradition in my family. My friend drives 5 hour to my house so we can eat monkey bread together. :)

    Also, Circe isn't yours?!? I feel so clueless. I've been reading your blog for 3 years and I always thought she was yours!

  16. Love the lily paintings. luuuuuuv.

  17. I love your Lily paintings. Gorgeous.

    Deb's monkey bread post was the first time I'd heard of it. You should make it. I nearly ate it all by myself.

    And Shauna? Beautiful. I could steal her if I thought my cat would get along with her.

  18. Hahaha, I never make the bed either. If the boyfriend does it, great. If not, I don't stress about it. :)

  19. I love the paintings like they are. The whole mood of that photo resonates with me right now. I think I'm just sleepy.

  20. O.k. - you're dog Shauna is absolutely beautiful! I thought she was a wolf!

  21. I don't know what to say. The picture of Shauna and the stuffed animal is one of the sweetest, funniest, cutest things I've seen in a while. It makes me want to find a doppelganger stuffed animal for my dog and do a photo shoot. Yep, I'm that crazy.

  22. I just discovered your blog (I've been lost in the archives for hours--I love your content!) and had to comment because I laughed out loud at your dog realization. haha serioulsy that's what stops me from getting one every time too!! "oh wait.....I would need to actually get wet and be miserable while the dog does his thing and then dry off his hair and paws and then do it again." no thanks.


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